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When you read that, just remember that prominent leftists think that sex was better under socialism.


The opposite of socialism is freedom. And real socialism destroys. A free market can’t exist without freedom, however.

Two leftist principles at odds with each other.

But that’s why they want socialism. Which in practice has the worst income inequality of all.

And that’s by design.

While Democrats re-embrace their aspirations of it…

With a new translation of the Lithuanian experience.


My biggest problem with socialists like Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the bait-and-switch. They always claim they want socialism “like Norway or Sweden”, and then advocate for policies like Cuba or Venezuela. And in Bernie Sanders’ case, when he’s talking about societal policies he admires, everyone should remember that he honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

On full display.

Even as the population starves, what’s important to the administration is staying in power. Which is always the case with Socialism.

And how it’s turned out for them.

How recently was the left applauding the measures Venezuela was taking?

Instead of the courts.

What Venezuelans aren’t starving in the streets are actively fighting the socialist dictatorship and it’s death squads, while it rewrites the constitution.

Opposition leaders are being arrested and then disappearing from prison.

After seizing assets such as the oil industry and General Motors plants, the country is now dirt poor, once the richest on its continent.

Particularly deranged liberals such as Rachel Maddow are trying to allude that Venezuelans are upset about Trump. The rest of the left is avoiding mentioning the word “socialism”, and trying to pretend that they didn’t praise Chavez’ actions all those years ago. Bernie Sanders still lists Venezuela as a model to follow.

The Wonders Of Socialism

Venezuelans are literally starving to death.

Remember how much Democrats liked Chavez and his policies back when he was getting started? It’s just like all the other failed socialist states they’ve also worshipped over the decades.

Socialists never learn from their failures.

Forced labor camps (just like always), arresting the employees of any business that goes under, 1600% inflation, mass exodus, military-controlled food, food lines, looting, tanks turned on civilians, shortages of medicine and basic medical supplies, scapegoating of capitalism…and massive parties for the rulers of the nation, all in a country with some of the richest natural resources.

All while the left pretends that they didn’t gush over the steps Venezuela took to get to this state and ignores Venezuela as they seek to do the very same things here.

2-Day work weeks for government workers, and rolling blackouts across the country.

Ah, socialism.

Yes, it can happen here.

The Core Delusion Of The Left

That central planning ever works better than markets and freedom. It’s an idea that has proven false as many times as they’ve tried it.

Google filters are picking them up as phishing scams.

Well, they are. He’s promising that we’ll end up looking like Norway and Sweden (which have school choice and lower corporate taxes) if we follow the economic policies of Venezuela.