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Awesome. This is the real step to lower cost to orbit.


Launched by SpaceX. Awesome.

Earth may be a 1-in-700-quintillion planet.

I for one think it’s a pretty special place.

Excellent – it’s a hugely important material to all sorts of technology (which isn’t weapons, by the way).

Of course, if we could get thorium reactors off the ground, we’d have a lot of the stuff, as well. It’s one of the “nuclear waste” things they produce. The others are medical isotopes.

Good for them. Despite what the papers are saying, it’s not quite what SpaceX has been trying to achieve – Blue Origin has only been doing suborbital, and SpaceX is orbital, but it’s still a great achievement.

Very interesting. Propellent-less drives requiring no fuel but electricity have long been a dream of the space community.


One that’s conceivably powerful enough for satellites.

They resupplied the ISS again, but the exciting part of the launch is that they were able to restart their first stage, and do a controlled descent. That means they’re not far off to a reusable first stage.

While I was on vacation, this happened. Good for them!



Obama’s Big Success Story

The privatization of the space sector. So why won’t he replicate the success in other areas? My guess: Space isn’t an industry he cares about, so he doesn’t mind if it privatizes, against his typical governing philosophy.

And they’re discussing whether we should devote resources to trying to make humans multi-planetory, or more ocean-going. My question: if we switch to a kickstarter-like model of science funding rather than requiring government grants, can’t we let people vote with their wallets?

The New Way To Brake Spaceships

Magnetoshell aerobraking.

Congrats To SpaceX!

Not only for the successful splashdown and conclusion of their recent mission to the ISS, but on their new commercial contract with IntelSat.

Congratulations to them! They’ll spend about two weeks practicing maneuvers before they doc with the ISS to become the first private agency to resupply it.

Video here.

At pretty awesome resolution, too.


And now Goldberg realizes it. Gingrich got slammed for his position on space, but that was because everyone thought he was talking about NASA doing those things. Gingrich meant private space, in exactly the same vein as the Planetary Resources announcement yesterday. Not that it matters too much, with Gingrich leaving the race, but it’d still be nice to see those visions go somewhere.

Yup, the billionaires are starting up commercial asteroid mining! Excellent! You can take a look at the press conference here, while it’s still going on.

This is completely and utterly awesome – and it’s also not just a case of them throwing money away – they’re expecting to make a profit here.

They’re going after near earth asteroids – there’s at least 9000 that they already know about, and that’s estimated at 1%.

Whoa! They’re launching within 24 months, they already have the spacecraft getting built!

And they’re already cash flow positive (from the data and technology, not from asteroids)! Wow!