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For about the cost of flying there using a commercial plane, too.

Elon Musk makes the future be what everyone always thought it would be.


Very interesting.

Awesome. This is the real step to lower cost to orbit.


Yeah, with the slugfest of the campaign and all of the celebrity deaths 2016 was in many ways a hard year, but there were some great things that happened as well. In no particular order, here are some of what I think are the highlights:

Very neat.

Liquid helium froze the liquid oxygen solid.

They think it could have been a solid oxygen block, or someone sabotaging them, although they think the latter is unlikely.

Interesting. And also apparently very hard to track down.

During a static test fire. It was carrying a communications satellite for sub-saharan Africa.



And they’re planning on re-launching one of their earlier landed stages pretty soon in the near future, as well.

And lands 3 in a row. Nice.

Now they need to start launching the first stages they’ve already landed.

Congrats To SpaceX!

On their second rocket barge landing.

In not-smooth seas, no less.

Launched by SpaceX. Awesome.

They landed, and then it tipped over. Close!

Awesome job!

This is a huge step towards lowering the cost to space by orders of magnitude by reusable rockets. It also will up the reliability, as rockets they’re flying will have flown before.

Good for them. Despite what the papers are saying, it’s not quite what SpaceX has been trying to achieve – Blue Origin has only been doing suborbital, and SpaceX is orbital, but it’s still a great achievement.

Space is hard. Apparently, however, the Dragon capsule survived the initial explosion, and only failed a little while later. They believe their upgraded Dragon would have been able to fly to safety and land.

So as failures go, even though it was a setback, they saw a lot of good failure behavior. This is also one of the big reasons they’re trying to get things to be reusable: so they can know a given rocket is reliable, since it’ll have launched and landed numerous times.