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Because she’s not a feminist. She’s just a strong character who doesn’t care about gender issues.


Stormtrooper arrested. Because those blasters might kill someone.


So, just like Warren Buffet who’s donating so much money to a charity rather than to the U.S. treasury like he keeps on demanding everyone be forced to do, George Lucas, no matter what else he may claim, personally believes that he knows what’s best for his money, not government.

Even though it’s his own movie.

Last week he tried to reiterate the edits he made a few years ago to make Greedo shoot first as always having been there. His justification is that Han Solo isn’t a “cold blooded killer” – but Lucas is entirely missing the point. We never thought Han Solo was a cold blooded killer – just someone who was man enough to know how and when to cleverly and courageously defend himself.

Vader’s New Catchphrase

Apparently George Lucas thinks he should scream, “NOOOO” as often as possible.

It helps make Vader as whiny as his kid turned out, and as annoying as he was as Anakin.

Heck, I’d buy one just for the entertainment value.

What A Good E3

In addition to the motion capture of Project Natal that I just mentioned, we also get announcements for a Super Mario Galaxy 2, a new Metroid, and an awesome video for the upcoming Star Wars MMO from Bioware? Excellent.

Behold the best sleeping bag design ever! I especially love how you open it.