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At least in Sweden, 83% of them are adults.

It’s just like all the Palestinian “youths”.


Sweden’s Censorship

They’re allowing one feminist to personally determine who gets blacklisted or not.


Good for her.

Now compare with how the “feminist” government of Sweden behaved in a similar situation.

Days after the media pummeled Trump over his comments about Sweden.

She was kidnapped and gang raped in the basement of a shop that the Swedish helped the migrants set up.

Dhimmitude In Europe

Swedish leftist women taking selfies in Hijab to show support for Muslims against “Islamophobia” in the wake of all the recent attacks.

Maybe next they’ll show support by turning in their driver’s licenses, giving men the right to divorce them by saying “I divorce you” three times in public, and letting men beat them as long as it’s only a light amount.

One Swedish city has had to cancel Earth hour because of all the sexual assaults the Syrian migrants have been committing. It’s too dangerous to turn out the lights.

When the source is left wing. Certainly not when it’s a right-wing blogger who’s been damaging their credibility.

Their prosperity precedes their socialism, and has far more to do with good work ethics.

Oh, and on a related topic – they have school choice in their education systems.


It doesn’t exist except for when it’s faked. And real socialism has killed ~200 Million people.

They’re all turning to the free market.

You’d never know their origin, unless you really looked for it. Hint: some of them are probably applauding the barbarians in London.

It got that way in recent years by becoming more capitalist and fiscally responsible than we are. Good for them, but it points out how horribly we’re doing.

Because it’s unfair to the other children.

This is exactly the sort of trickle up poverty effect that socialist “fairness” attitudes result in.


Maybe they’ll go bitcoin…

Making men sit down when they use the toilet. For true equality between the sexes.

80% success rate. Wonderful!