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Just funnel massive amounts of weapons to Al Qaeda associates, right?

Worse than useless.


A whole bunch of false Venezuelan passports were issued to Syrian refugees by a corrupt official.

And went and met with Assad.

Michael J. Totten On Aleppo

Whatever happens, it seems at this point that Iran has won. And ISIS is one of the few groups that’s not in Aleppo, by the way.

Obama’s Bias Against Christians

10 percent of the Syrian population is Christian, and they’re being actively exterminated by ISIS. Only 2.4% of the refugees from Syria that the Obama administration is accepting are Christian.

Portland Hippie to give peace concert in ISIS territory.

One Christian is killed every 5 minutes.

The short answer is yes. France is realizing how weak Obama has been on foreign policy – and that was the exact reason they cheered his election.

Obama came to his presidency while we were still in Iraq, but with the country stabilized and violence finally calming down, and chose to unilaterally pull our troops out without a status of forces agreement, against the advice of Bush and all of the generals. And then he crowed for 3 years that he had ended the Iraq war. He can’t now go back and blame Bush for the retreat that caused ISIS to surge into the region. And he also armed all of the Syrian rebels that have now turned into ISIS – and which he dismissed – and he hasn’t been arming the Kurds, merely taking credit for their too-rare successes.

Simple: they know the immigration laws and are looking to exploit them. And they’re looking at juicy benefit systems, too (and other benefits).

Also, many of them aren’t Syrian, there’s violence and sexual abuse following in their wake, radical European and middle eastern clerics are encouraging all of this as a way to take over the cultures of European countries, terrorists are using the “refugee” crisis as a vector, and all of the middle eastern countries are refusing to have anything to do with the refugees in their own global neighborhood – except for help them convert Europe. Oh, and even people as supposedly moderate as Turkey’s Erdogan are claiming and encouraging this invasion.

Announced by Kerry and the Obama Administration.

Just as long as it’s not any of those icky Christian refugees they’re kicking out, right?

From 22 million to 11 million.

The Syrian regime seems to now be using them regularly. They’ve figured out how weak our president really is.

German and Dutch biker gangs have headed down to help the Kurds defend themselves against ISIS.

Biker gangs being the military forces of the future is something I always thought was a bit silly in dystopian sci-fi. I guess I was wrong.

Obama’s Betrayal Of The Kurds

By not sending them weaponry to fight against ISIS, he’s allowing them to be exterminated.

U.N. commander asked the forces under him to surrender to Syrian rebels.

Fortunately, in this case they defied his orders.

Just one more proof of the ties between Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran. And we’re not providing any help on the Iran front.

Parents inform police of own son’s radicalism.

Radical Islam will only exist as long as that “majority of peaceful muslims” we keep on hearing about tolerates it.

More Islamic barbarism.


What you probably didn’t: the Israeli teenager who’s death is prompting these actions was a Muslim.