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O’Keefe’s latest video.



That chart really says it all, and completely debunks the Teachers’ Union stances that teachers aren’t paid enough.


Why does the left constantly insist that society is safest when we ignore the problems of terrorism?

Please bring back tar-and-feathering.

Of course. When was a government program ever even as expensive as initially projected? And California is happy to make the taxpayers cough up the money. After all, you’ve got to pull money to those Teacher’s Unions cronies somehow.

Backpack funding. Of course, as a form of school choice, Teachers’ Unions and their Democrats are adamantly opposed to it, and anything else that disrupts their cartel.

Pediphilia? Of course not. Threatening a killing spree will do it though. But only after a lengthy court case.

Why Else Belong To A Union?

Teachers in San Francisco are absent from school more than the students.

Teacher’s Union Thugs

On full display.

As a judge rules that tenure systems and seniority based firing are so bad for the kids that it breaks the equal protection clause.

I don’t think the teacher’s unions are going to take this without a fight.

Teacher’s Unions.

Remember this next time Democrats or teachers claim they support minorities or the poor.


Taxpayer Supported Racism.

It’s simply another example of┬áthe left making the racist assumption that everything has to be about race.

Teaching social justice through math, in Chicago.

How about instead of indoctrination, you teach the kids math?

Or lack of money.

To support the Teacher’s Unions.

They don’t care about the students or the educational system, only Union political power.

140 Teachers and Administrators in the Philadelphia school system involved in cheating scandal.

Teacher’s Union in New York blocking faculty heroin investigation.

Change the name!

Unless they have to actually be accountable with it.

Not according to David Axelrod.

Not that it really matters. If it’s not being run by Obama, then it’s being led by the teacher’s unions, and they’re just as interested in indoctrinating students into a pro-mommy government state as Obama is.

Only 3 in 13000 students were college-ready last year.

And according to the Teacher’s Union, the answer is to pay the teachers more. As always.