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Not a surprise.


Western Societies are changing in noticeable ways from the influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants. Some of those changes, like the return of rickets from people wearing burkhas, the random terrorist stabbing attacks, or the spike in sex crimes are values we shouldn’t allow to be imported.

And he was ignored.

Imam Tawhidi sounds like someone worth paying attention to.

Yet another killer they rallied behind.

The lunacy of citizenship as a human right for criminal immigrants on full display.

Shawan Jabarin.

Because they can’t provide enough security for the jihadi threat.

Because he was one of their citizens and they didn’t protect him from U.S. capture.

From a mosque that was basically encouraging an honor killing.

Top notch vetting of their security staff.

Because other illegal immigrants will be unwilling to come forward with information or something.

As they still refuse to name the killer’s motives, and are trying to find other excuses.

He was a gay Muslim democrat who pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and they tried to blame conservatives, Christians, and guns for the whole thing.

It wasn’t just the three incidents in London, all told there are at least 149 dead around the world.

London’s Muslim mayor failed to mention any religion in connection with the attacks in his city.┬áSee, if people committed violence in the name of my religion I’d be yelling, “Not in my name” every chance I got.

London’s unarmed police had to temporarily run away, while bar patrons fought back with chairs and bottles. Good for them.

MSNBC managed to beclown themselves over the London incidents.

They launched an airstrike against a Libyan terrorist camp in retaliation for 29 Copts killed.

And Israel put the Egyptian flag on display in solidarity.

I feel like this is the first time one of the Arab states has actually shown any sign of caring about the slaughter against Christians occurring within their region. I wonder if it has anything to do with Trump’s recent speech in Saudi Arabia?

A Palestinian terrorist who killed six.



Islamophobia and people paying more attention to conservatives.

Terrorists and killers have never been the real enemy of leftists.

22 people with terrorist ties spoke at one event, while just a short while later (at a different event) Elizabeth Warren spoke at the same mosque to basically autre the audience that democrats would help them oppose the right.

Wait, what?