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They launched an airstrike against a Libyan terrorist camp in retaliation for 29 Copts killed.

And Israel put the Egyptian flag on display in solidarity.

I feel like this is the first time one of the Arab states has actually shown any sign of caring about the slaughter against Christians occurring within their region. I wonder if it has anything to do with Trump’s recent speech in Saudi Arabia?

A Palestinian terrorist who killed six.



Islamophobia and people paying more attention to conservatives.

Terrorists and killers have never been the real enemy of leftists.

22 people with terrorist ties spoke at one event, while just a short while later (at a different event) Elizabeth Warren spoke at the same mosque to basically autre the audience that democrats would help them oppose the right.

Wait, what?

Kissing their children goodbye, then sending them into a police station with a suicide vest.

Students are learning that the left and the media are more concerned about Trump than about jihadists. Hence sympathetic articles like this. That’s always the case – Democrats will team up with every enemy of America to try and take down Republicans.

Students also want to be able to protect themselves.

Amnesty and peace is one thing, but giving FARC seats on congress rewards them with the exact sort of power they’ve been using terrorism to try and claim.

Just as a reminder, Democrats have supported FARC, thanks to its Marxist roots.

Which means another case of FBI incompetence.

It’s a fight over narrative.

It’s really not, and that’s why Trump is doing as well as he is.


That is literally the opposite of the definition of “lone wolf”.

Most terrorist attacks are over before the police arrive. It’s better to fight back.

Criminal incidents are the same way.

And still no accountability from the Obama Administration.

On The Orlando 911 Call

It’s old news, but I still want to mention it: After lecturing Americans that words weren’t important so he wasn’t going to call it “Radical Islam”, Obama’s FBI released the 911 transcript of the Orlando shooter with references to ISIS redacted and “Allah” translated to “god”. The DHS Islamic Advisor is still claiming that the attack was not Islamic, and Loretta Lynch claims the motive may never be known.

In 2001 we united after 9/11. In the wake of Orlando, the left immediately rushed to blame Christians for homophobia, and conservatives for guns. In fact, they refuse to understand what the motives of this gay Democrat Muslim terrorist was. Obama himself says there was “no precise motive”, refuses to name radical Islam (and says to please stop asking, it doesn’t mean anythingwhich shows that it does or he would just say it), and says that our own attitudes towards the LGBQ community is to blame, rather than his own failures that caused ISIS to rise.

His goal to end Gitmo comes above all else.

Pastor Han Chung-ryeol in China.