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Discovered in California.


Stabbed yourself with a needle while treating an Ebola patient, but want to go jogging around town anyway? Sure, why not?

Kenneth Tate.

CDC keeps on changing the story on how Ebola can spread. They’ve gone back and forth several times over whether coughing can spread the disease.

And a recent study is showing that it can survive in an aerosol for 90 minutes.

The reason Americans are worried about this disease isn’t because we’ve got an epidemic, but because we’ve got a CDC and administration that is showing itself as incompetent every chance it gets.

From a doctor recently returned from Guinea. And he was riding around on the subway.

Oh, and he cleared through the CDC’s airport screening.

It’s not that we have an Ebola epidemic, yet. It’s the fact that we’re witnessing bureaucratic incompetence mishandle a potential pandemic every chance the bureaucracy gets.

We’re seeing a major collapse in the bureaucrats’ (and Democrats) attempts to blame lack of Ebola preparedness on (Republican) budget cuts: the CDC’s payroll is 38% larger since 2007, with 2000 more employees, and the NIH’s budget has been flat for several years — and merely raising the issue has brought a ton of attention to the absurd things the agencies are spending our money on, such as studying how best to massage rabbits, or why lesbians are fat, and other pressing issues.

Meanwhile, we’re being exposed to the bureaucratic incompetence that reigns at both departments:

Basically, the CDC chief just tied our ebola health concerns to our open borders.

It was Obama’s budget that cut the things Democrats are now shamelessly blaming on Republicans.

Plus, we had more stringent quarantine rules around air travel during the Bush era, and Obama nixed those.

CDC: Worry about public transportation and ebola.

Ed Markey, (unfortunately) my representative, is trying to get CDC funding for gun violence prevention and firearm safety. Because the leftist viewpoint is that guns in the hands of the citizenry is a sign of mental illness.

Meanwhile, hammers and fists killed twice as many people last year than rifles and shotguns.

Or even instructing officials to lie to them.

And it concludes exactly what the pro-gun group has been saying all this time.

More Sequester News

Health officials say that the sequester, contrary to White House claims, isn’t going to actually increase superbug spread. What a surprise.

Oh, and the administration is still spending money on advertising for the food stamp program.