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Or at least, claims to.

It was already suspicious that the person Julian Assange identified as the DNC leaker was shot in the back without anyone taking anything from him, in an “attempted robbery”. Now others have confirmed that he was the leaker, and we also know that the police body cam footage has gone missing, and¬†Jon Podesta called for making an example of the leaker.

For once slashdot is leaning towards conservatives as the tech industry knows how ridiculous claims that exposing DNC corruption were hacks against us all.

Showing about as much respect for the law, the environment, and the rest of us as they usually do, I see.


Some journalists, such as Politico’s Ken Vogel file their stories with the DNC before their own editors.

And there was plenty of other media collusion revealed in the DNC hacks as well.

Philadelphia’s restrictive alcohol laws were waived for DNC events. So Democrats can be trusted with alcohol, just not everyone else.

Quite a bit.¬†Democrats are every bit as hateful as they constantly accuse Republicans of being, they rig the system and cheat, and only get mad about it when they’re caught.

Of course they did. It was pretty obvious the whole time. And also note that they know she’s corrupt, don’t care, and are trying their best to muddy the waters surrounding any ethical concerns.

It’s to protect their establishment from competition.

Yeah, they’re the party of the little guy, all right.

They’ve spent all their money, so they want some of ours. Typical.

From discussing gun control, to refugees and the holocaust of white people in the new world. They release an entire prep guide to prepare lefties for how to deal with conversation with anyone from the rest of society – probably because there’s so much doublethink that without that prep guide, a carefully crafted worldview would just fall apart.


The DNC: Scrap The Constitution

Any public official who claims they want to get rid of the constitution should be immediately fired. Their first oath is to uphold it.

But don’t question their patriotism.

$75,000 laptops and $30,000 iPhones.

America just passed the $16 Trillion debt mark. Unemployment is up. GDP is down. Construction is down. Food Stamp usage is at record highs. But there’s so much energy at the DNC!

When the topic isn’t abortion…not very.

How Dems Fill Their Convention

With trick photography.