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That’s now three times his critics, and even some of his supporters, have been wrong about his trade negotiating style, as he’s now gotten results with Mexico, Canada, and China. While I don’t agree with tariffs as an economic principle, I can see their use as a negotiating point. And with his deregulations, we can even afford it – if the Fed wasn’t trying to recover interest rates from the ridiculous favoritism they gave Obama for so long.


4.6% growth estimated in the 3rd quarter, Black business ownership up 400%, and 314 of the largest 349 counties have increased employment.

Amazing what happens when you have a president who doesn’t have an explicit goal of favoring fairness over growth and skyrocketing energy prices.

Amazing what unblocking years of Democrat obstruction achieves!

They would take a recession that hurt millions of Americans if it meant they could get power back.

In other words, they don’t wish the best for all of us, only for them.

Isn’t that what they want? They’ve said so multiple times, and their policies are to directly increase them.


Summarized at Drudge.

Amazing. But given that Obama’s stated goals were to punish the market “in the interest of fairness”, and to make energy rates “necessarily skyrocket”, it’s not surprising that the economy takes off when those hindrances are removed.

Fairtax Signature Push

There’s an ongoing push to try and get the Fairtax elevated in priority as one of the possible replacements for the income tax that Congress and the President are considering.

As the quote goes,

It’s the economy, stupid.

Showing just what a crappy job Democrats have done with the economy.

Part 1: the economy.

He calls her out on her blatant demagoguery and lies.

Oh look, once again we’re exactly right about what the economy was going to do.

Remember when Democrats passed the Community Reinvestment Act to encourage subprime mortgages, sued banks that didn’t give out enough subprime mortgages, stopped Republicans from fixing the subprime mortgage situation, and then we had a subprime mortgage crisis that crashed the economy?

Guess what? The Obama administration is now rolling out a new program with Fannie Mae to give out risky mortgages to the various high-risk immigrants that Democrats are intent on importing into the country.

51% of all American workers earn less than $30,000.

And of course, the workforce participation rate is at a 40 year low.

Remember the good old Bush years when Democrats were constantly screaming about the gap between the wealthy and the poor? Well, now we see the results of their policies.

Unemployment in August dropped to 5.1%, but that’s only because so many people have stopped looking for work. The labor participation rate is the lowest it’s been since 1977.

They’ve been lying for years – the 6 of them that Obama has been president. And if you’ve been paying attention, you’d have noticed that they always “unexpectedly” revise the numbers downward a month or two after release.

And yet somehow weren’t.

We’re Number #2

China’s economy has officially surpassed the U.S. economy.

How’s that fundamental transformation Obama promised coming along? Apparently right on track.

As It Was Predicted To:

The 2007 minimum wage increase made the recession and unemployment worse.