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Scott Pruitt of the EPA did so. It’d be worth the rest of the left heeding his points as well, however.


Awesome. And great for the environment.

Bjorn Lomborg points out the problems with Biomass subsidies.

Awesome, it should have been all along, especially after it was found by Obama’s EPA to be environmentally more friendly than the current situation.

And about a hundred times less efficient than electric lights.

So once again the left does things exactly opposite to their stated intention.

Britain can now do what the U.S. is doing, and replace their coal with natural gas from fracking.

If you factor in cradle to grave CO2 production it’s 34 tons of CO2 instead of an Audi A4’s 35. Which costs £5 on the EU emissions trading system, but the Tesla is being subsidized £4,500.

So don’t buy one because you think you’re being green. But they are cool.

Another essay listing all the ways that it’s directly caused by environmentalists.

Not a surprise to me.

But that still doesn’t stop environmental alarmism.

For a single speech.

Somehow I don’t feel like they’re taking this climate change thing seriously.

Reforesting Faster

Startup Afforest has figured out how to reforest in such a way that you end up with mature forest in decades rather than centuries. Nice.

Somehow gets a pass from the environmentalists, because it’s being developed in a leftist country with funding from a communist country.

All the worst environmentalist disasters are communist, and yet somehow the environmentalist movement always insists that capitalism is the problem.

But the left still sees it as a bad thing.

Think of it this way: every dollar the left forces our economy not to earn by obstructing progress is a dollar that isn’t being reinvested in:

  • tangible improvements in the lives of the poor and the middle class, who need every dollar they can get
  • valuable medical innovations that would save countless lives
  • the technologies that would actually increase the efficiency of society and clean up the environment like they supposedly want to

Hypocrites who complain that the rest of us are using too much energy.

To some extent it’s shooting fish in a barrel. But still worth watching.

Is protesting that they want to be connected to the power grid.

If Greenpeace really wants to get behind sustainable energy, they should end their Luddite opposition to nuclear energy.

Good news. Hopefully the species can be preserved.

Sounds good to me.

Environmentalists are getting ready to launch opposition to a natural gas pipeline from West Virginia to North Carolina – a pipeline, that just like the Keystone, would increase safety, decrease transportation costs and emissions, and decrease energy emissions, as it would help continue the trend of replacing dirtier fossil fuels with cleaner ones.

Are environmentalists anything more than anti-technology, anti-prosperity luddites at this point? The cleanest and safest things for our environment and our society are fracking, nuclear energy, and better living through chemistry, and they’re pretty much opposed to all of them, consistently in favor of either primitivism or embracing technologies that are so hopelessly useless that they cannot function without heavy subsidization, subsidization which makes them worse for the environment than even conventional solutions are.