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My guess: they didn’t get into Tor, the NSA did.

About Comey’s Latest Statement

So he said that the results of the most recent find on Abedin and Weiner’s laptop was no change in his recommendation of non-prosecution.

Who can say?

It’s blatantly criminal. And no one has been punished. And Koskinen says it’s time to “move past the scandal”.

Obama is probably trying to protect his legacy…but my theory is that Obama knows that a whole lot of agents under Comey – whoever would succeed him, are likely to publish even more damaging material on Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s Quid Pro Quo

Some of her staff was caught not only discussing it but calling it that by name – and this isn’t wikileaks, this is from the FBI’s own server.

The State Department’s statement is that even the idea of the allegations is insulting.


Why does the left constantly insist that society is safest when we ignore the problems of terrorism?

Which means another case of FBI incompetence.



The FBI has recalled all of their agents from vacation this weekend, advised them not to visit any major celebrations, and established command centers all around the country to deal with attacks.

ISIS has published the locations of all of the command centers.

But they didn’t show up with extra security until afterwards, or notify the event organizers. So are they just incompetent, or do they not care about violence against conservatives? They do keep on listing people who talk about the constitution as potential terrorists…

Oh, and the FBI still hasn’t contacted Pamela Geller about the hate threats she’s receiving from Muslims.

Although, to the incompetence theory, they’re supposedly currently “in a panic”.

Attacks using decoy cell towers.

Congress at least seems to believe otherwise.

Covered pretty well over at Reason.

Good. And those records should be as public as the court proceedings are, so that both sides know the other side is playing fair.

Apparently their only evidence of the CAPTCHA traffic that they used as evidence to justify the seizure of Silk Road data is from Silk Road’s server logs.

This smells to me like one of the situations where the NSA was feeding domestic surveillance data to another agency, and then the other agency sought post-justification of how they knew what was going on. If so, I hope the agents and agencies involved get busted and properly punished.

People concerned with the size of government.

And how they might not want to let Federal agents walk over them and take their cattle, land, and other property?

Gee, and we wonder how Islamic radicals like the Tsarnaevs get away.

The FBI is getting all the friends of the guy they killed during the Marathon Bombing investigation deported.

OTOH, there’s a decent chance a good number of that group are also radical Islamists.

If Only It Could Go Anywhere…

Eric Holder’s getting questioned by congress on the IRS Tea Party harassment, which the DOJ has promised not to punish at all.

That’s nice, but what are they going to do? Holder’s already held in contempt by congress for Fast and Furious, and Obama’s already shielded him from any punishment. The Obama cartel Administration has been positioned to hold all the strings of justice, and simply dismisses any notion of accountability.

Feds suspected of launching malware against Tor Anonymizer.

Even though they were warned about them beforehand.

And they also were unable to obtain more information about them beforehand, even though the government is spying on all of us law-abiding citizens, ostensibly for this very purpose.