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They’re debating the first amendment, and all the media organizations claiming it’s about gay marriage are lying.


Very interesting.

Just like they claim the second amendment should only apply to militias, not individuals.

It’s the Democrat way: claim that the rights apply to the group, but not to you – which is no different then claiming you don’t have those rights.

Well, at least they got that one right.

Modern Journalistic Principles:

DeWayne Wickham, the dean of Morgan State’s J-school, claims that the first amendment ends at insulting Mohammed (or any speech that incites violence).

Maybe that means it’s time to get violent over government infractions on liberty – heck, the media constantly claims the tea party does the sorts of things that #occupy does anyway.

Unless, I suppose, you’re in one of the designated “first amendment” areas.

Next the sheriff of Nottingham will be patrolling looking for poachers of the king’s deer.

Boyfriends who like the First Amendment.

State-Enforced Atheism

Carry a bible in school, get harassed and threatened. Once again atheists are enforcing their religion.

Your not allowed to express or even display Christian faith on school grounds. How does that agree with the first amendment?

Prepare to get threatened by snipers, attacked by dogs, and arrested.

Disappearing Freedoms In The U.S.

The U.S. dropped 13 places this year in press freedom rankings.

And we’ve been plummeting on the economic front for quite a few years, as well.

And you can at least put up a protest.


Yes. They want the first amendment to only apply to those they officially license.

As I’ve been reminded by others, I don’t think Democrats (or RINOs) understand what the constitution is: it’s the agreement that says we’ll behave civilly and not kill anyone trying to rule, oppress, or inconvenience us. And every time the rights we’ve reserved ourselves as untouchable are infringed just a little bit more, that agreement gets a little closer to being null and void on both sides.

“Having to violate your religious beliefs is a price of citizenship”

That seems pretty far from the founding fathers’ take on religious liberty. But apparently I’m one of those extremists the Obama Defense Department is warning about.

As a security threat.

It’s a first amendment violation, and they should make the school pay.

A teenager who faces a year in prison for wearing an NRA t-shirt.

Yeah, it’s a real thing. I know people who suffer from it. And of course they don’t at all realize that in opposing Citizens United they’re in direct opposition to free speech.

Which is drastically being abused under the Obama administration.

Simply put: fascism, just like they always accuse the right of. And journalists (thankfully not Google), are all too happy to join in the White House and Feds’ requests. As are crowdsourced lefties.

Meanwhile, Islamists are holding their “behead those who insult Islam” signs, and another would-be jihadi was arrested in Chicago.

I guess we now know how Obama ended that Muslim hostility.

When you’re blogging about a judge’s daughter getting preferential treatment in the courts, of course!