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But you’re still expected to pay on time, even though they’re the ones failing.


They were guilty.

And yet still no one is being punished, except the American taxpayer who has to foot the bill.

Just uncovered by Judicial Watch. Yet more Obama Administration IRS malfeasance.

Even though there’s a program that’s supposed to make it easy for them to not hire people with problematic records.



That’s just awful. And one more reason to get rid of the agency entirely.

A judge just ruled that they need to stop.

It’s no longer a matter of personal opinion whether Democrats have been tyrannically abusing state power to go after their political opponents. It’s a matter of court record. The only debate left is whether Democrat voters are okay with the abuses of power when it’s their side doing it. And the answer seems to be yes.

It’s blatantly criminal. And no one has been punished. And Koskinen says it’s time to “move past the scandal”.

Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Which means that they definitely are.

As a bonus, this news scrolled across the screen of CNN while they were discussing that they think Republicans can only won by voter suppression.


Why does the IRS have so many? There are now more non-Defense federal officials with firearms than there are marines.

The IRS Scandal Reaches Day 1000

And still no one in prison.

The IRS Wall

It’s like the beginning of a bureaucratic Berlin Wall. The IRS now has the power to prevent you from traveling internationally, and in some cases, even domestically, as well.

And this is considered a violation of international human rights standards.

Was it even legal?

At this point, is there any law the Obama administration feels compelled to follow?

They’ve officially been told to ignore signs of identity theft, and to stop contacting Americans when identity theft has occurred.

So after they arrested Kim Davis for refusing to follow the law in her capacity as a government official, who are they going to arrest for this?

Our Banana Republic

After a careful review of the facts, the Obama administration’s Justice Department has decided that Lois Lerner doesn’t need to be charged with any crimes for blatantly targeting the administration’s political enemies with the IRS machinery.

It’s now a banana republic.

Lois Lerner and Kevin Kennedy were two peas in a pod, and both seemed overwhelmingly concerned with using their position to punish political opponents.

The Wisconsin John Doe targeting was about as bad as the IRS tea party targeting. The GAO coordinated with leftist groups (and local journalists, illegally) to basically wage open lawfare against conservatives, to the point of raiding homes and subpoenaing everyone they couldall without judges’ okays and while keeping their own numbers off the books. And then they used the active court cases they had filed to suppress the speech of anyone concerned with the matter.

Remember, in 2009 Obama “joked” about auditing his enemies, and his entire administration has been all about that.

Which means we’re about to see more stonewalling just how many times the Obama administration asked for conservative tax records to stock their voting database with.