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We want them enforced. Shocking!


Bills Obama Would Veto

One that required him to follow the law, for example.

I think this administration has shown that we also need a prosecutorial department that’s not under the executive branch.

Making upskirt photos illegal after the Massachusetts Supreme Court said there’s no law against it: Fair enough, and done in an impressive 24 hours.

So why can’t they do any of these other things?


And making sure we don’t treat rapist/murderers too harshly.

Calls for Eric Holder’s impeachment following his “don’t enforce it” line to other Attorney Generals.

Our Lawless Society:

Eric Holder thinks Attorney Generals don’t need to enforce laws they disagree with.

Even though it was not only promised that it wouldn’t, it’s illegal to.

But of course it is. Every part of Obamacare is about advancing Liberal politics and policies. It’s only nominally about healthcare.

NSA asserting that warrantless location tracking is legal.

You know that they’ll keep on doing it, even though they’re not allowed to.

Just like Obama’s justice department, there are some laws that the Massachusetts administration just doesn’t seem to bother enforcing…like the law that gun permit applicants should receive a response within 40 days of their application.

Funny how fluid the law seems to be under Democrat administrations. Pick a name for this type of government: Liberal Fascist, Crony Capitalist, or simply Despotist. And if you don’t think it’s one of those, please tell me why.

Even though there are court orders to that are a year old. But they know exactly what the public comments will be, and consider themselves above the law or the public. Which is one more reason to ditch the entire agency.

But the hate crime charges will likely be dropped, because the perpetrators were lesbians. See, the whole point of declaring crimes hate crimes is to punish groups that it’s politically correct not to favor, not to pile additional charges on to minorities who commit crimes.

Laws that are vague are illegal, and get struck down by courts. Isn’t a code that, when 50 copies sent to 50 different tax preparers produces 50 different results the exact definition of vague?

Oh, and tax simplicity is another campaign promise Obama did the exact opposite of. But if you honestly believed Obama was going to do anything to ease America’s tax burden, you really were a rube.

It’s on full display from the left.

First of all, the law doesn’t allow Arizona cops to do anything that federal officials can’t already do. In fact, it just declares that cops will enforce existing laws – and goes to great lengths to avoid racial profiling. So with all that said:

How many Obama officials are publicly outraged at a bill that they haven’t even read now? And that agrees with the official position the Obama administration takes on immigration? In fact, Obama’s administration is even apologizing to China for the law – China who’s got an atrocious human rights record, even against Mexicans. Meanwhile, recent radical Islamic terrorist attacks are in fact partially caused by our failing immigration system.

We’ve got countless boycotts from Liberal city and state governments that receive plenty of electricity and tourism from Arizona-who’s just fine with taking that excess power off their hands.

We’ve got schools that won’t send their students on trips to Arizona, but will send them to China and to gay sex classes. And they’ll give them credits for attending protests of Arizona’s law.

And of course the media is simultaneously outraged that classes that “Promote overthrow of the U.S. Government” are being banned on Arizona campuses.

The vast majority of Americans support the bill, but of course anyone who does is labeled a racist bigot.

Fighting illegal immigration will in fact bring down costs in Arizona, not hurt the economy.

Face it, the left isn’t interested with any of the facts concerning anything regarding illegal immigration. What scares them most of all about the bill is the fact that it will work, after they’ve spent so much time trying to undermine all law and reason.

Despicable. And AP claims it was probably by “scrap metal scavengers”.

Ask yourself how tolerant the atheists, ACLU, and other liberals are that they have to defile any memorial that contains a Christian symbol when they discover they can’t get it removed.

Democrats have been trying to push for terrorists to be tried within the court system for years – after all, it marginalizes the issue to just another criminal issue, which is where they want it. The only problem is, there are all sorts of rules and procedures that need to be followed if you’re capturing a terrorist and you wanted to give them a full civilian trial – as opposed to the military tribunals we’ve legally used to try enemy combatants throughout most of history.

Their solution? Change the rules regarding Miranda rights, stretching the civilian courts yet another ungainly way.

It remains such a mystery

Yes, it’s illegal. And remember how outraged the left was when they found out that Bush authorized terrorist wiretaps if one end was overseas?

And good riddance to him. Now we’ve just got the rest of them to deal with