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The Boston Globe just interviewed someone who admits they’re going around creating fake news, but it’s okay because it’s to help the left, and everyone knows that fake news is how the right is winning. Right?



It’s not just banning men from movie screenings. Remember in the 1950s when Republicans like Eisenhower forced southern Democrats to end school segregation?

Well, the left is back at it again, only using different terminology. Now private schools are demanding race-specific housing, hosting black-only graduations (that’s at Harvard, btw), encouraging black-only housing, or telling white professors to leave the campus for a day – and then harassing them when they do not.

And it’s all in the name of “progress”.

Take a listen.

Then view the reactions. The identity-politics-driven left is not willing to help the largest demographic in the country, even though they’re the only ones who’s life expectancy is headed in the wrong direction.

Islamophobia and people paying more attention to conservatives.

Terrorists and killers have never been the real enemy of leftists.

As they scream through an opening prayer and the pledge of allegiance.

Regarding their racist, eugenicist past.

But of course, they only ever demand that the right answer for its past.


On The Left’s “Empathy”

In 2008, the Left gleefully mocked Sarah Palin’s live baby. It was only a matter of time before they moved on to a dead one.

Another Bomb-Planting Lefty

He’s a top Democrat in the St. Louis area, and he just got indicted for planting a bomb. And of course the media is burying which party he’s actually affiliated with.

Picking Sides

One side nakedly hates America and every principle we stand for, even to the highest levels of government. They can’t stand to allow anyone else to even talk, and will do their best to shut up and drown out even prayers. The other side behaves pretty much the exact opposite. And all those links are just recent news – I could dredge up example after example supporting all of this.

How does anyone who’s not a hard-core lefty even hesitate for a second to vote against them?

Until they decided to develop their energy resources, especially offshore. Now they’ve got a huge energy sector in their economy that generates vast amounts of wealth and employment for their country, and they’re not only energy-independent, they export it for a profit.

We could do the same thing, you know. In fact, energy companies are literally begging the left to let us do that.

Not much.

Honestly, read Liberal Fascism, which goes back from Napolean’s era through the 1930s and 60s, and see if you see anything back then that isn’t what liberals are still trying to propose right now.

A list compiled by Nick Gillespie. Now we know why the left hates them so much.

Socialist icon of the left Frances Piven calls for violent revolution, and Glenn Beck calls her on it, quoting her on the air. Who does the New York Times and the rest of the left see as the villain in this whole story? Glenn Beck, of course. They circled the wagons around Piven, and defended her views – so we know it’s not just that she’s one voice. They concur. Once again we have a clear example showing that the mainstream left in this country holds violent views, and will slanderously attack those who point it out. And you can also see organizations demonstrate their bias as they join the hate against Glenn Beck.

Meanwhile, commies are driving around in a bus to try and drum up support from the rest of the left in our country, anti-American, “anti-war” activists are doing their best to back someone who released state documents because they believe he is guilty, and another lefty activist slashed a man’s throat because he thought he was attacking a right wing politician. That’s right, political violence for the sake of political violence actually did just occur. But because it wasn’t a left-leaning target, you haven’t heard about it.

They weren’t anti-war, they were anti-Republican.

More Lefty Violence

A Moveon.org activist started choking a conservative who wouldn’t stop mentioning facts he didn’t like.

It’s always from the left…

Here’s another one that had to be wrestled to the ground at a conservative event. And here’s one that was going to attack a conservative candidate with a knife. There’s paid moveon.org activists harassing conservative politicians. And of course here’s more violent and offensive rhetoricand from members of the media, even.

Unhealthy Obsessions

It is amazing to me how much of the left spends its time and efforts stalking Bristol Palin.

A Swedish political party has entered the Swedish elections on a platform of concern about Immigration, Multiculturalism, and Islamofascism. Notice the reaction they’ve received from the establishment Left in Sweden: villianization as racists, Fascists, and Nazis, with radically left individuals carrying out violence, electoral fraud, death threats, and even murder attempts against members of this party – while the media leaves all of this unmentioned.

Sounds amazingly similar to what goes on here in the U.S., doesn’t it?