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Milo certainly needs to answer to conservatives for his viewswhich he is doing – but it’s also worth noticing a few things about what happened:

Bring up the march for life occurring this Friday, and ask the reporter if he’s going to be as obsessed with that one.



He earned it.

Students are learning that the left and the media are more concerned about Trump than about jihadists. Hence sympathetic articles like this. That’s always the case – Democrats will team up with every enemy of America to try and take down Republicans.

Students also want to be able to protect themselves.

Coordinated Much?

4 women came forward against Trump all at the same time.

It’s so coordinated that even CNN noticed. And of course NBC knew about the 10 year old video some time before they chose to air it.

Why do they keep emphasizing “uneducated” white male support of Trump?

Which the media is not only doing their best to ignore, they’re actually justifying the attempt.

According to the media. So there’s nothing new about their latest howling.

How Trump Got To Where He Is

There are numerous parties to blame (beyond the credit Trump deserves for being a masterful troll of the entire process). For example, the media: As much as they despise him, they’re a primary driver of his success. Look at the air time he’s received over all the other candidates. Trump is certainly doing everything he can to encourage this – he’s figured out their rules and is playing by them – but the media is going along with it. That also tells you that in many cases, he is the candidate they want Republicans to run.

But the real story of Trump’s rise is part of a broader culture war, and he’s benefitting along at least a couple of axes:

Never seem to mention that they’re owned by Jeff Bezos, who made $16.5 Billion last year.

All of their policies are being followed and the economy isn’t getting better, and in some areas is getting worse!

And yet the prescription is always to double down on the same policies.

Because she’s the candidate the media fears most and is trying the hardest to sink. If that was in doubt, look at how they initially (she’s back inchose a debate qualification criteria that specifically excluded her, after she rocked the first debate. And she’s been owning other events and interviews as well. So we’re beginning to see the sexist attacks that the left reserves for those they most hate.

It’s nothing to do with how corrupt and criminal she is – it’s because her voice is to high.

About Cecil The Lion

It’s amazing what Democrats and the media will do to avoid talking about Planned Parenthood, or anything that really matters. Manufactured outrage at the death of one animal from someone who’s almost certainly done more for animal conservation than any of them – just not in the way they like – in a country where people face a daily struggle to survive and there are mass graves from the death squads of the tyrant who rules the country. The death of one lion, time to leap into action!

They twisted his words, as they always do.

But it’s not enough to refute what they said, he’s got to find a way to make it painful for them.

First, the demagoguery is awful:

Second, the entire fervor being whipped up is entirely failing to understand important concepts in both liberty and tolerance:

Yes. That’s why I was disappointed with Newt’s elimination last election. He was the only one who really got that.