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Just one more thing that happens when the ruling class takes us from economically free to economically mostly free.

Remember, they don’t care about how well everyone is doing as long as the gap is small.


Obviously they are, but now they’re admitting it.

Not a surprise. I think her definition is “population invoked for political gain”.

You are! If you’re a homeowner with a mortgage. It’s a huge relief to the middle class to have middle class homeowners pay these fees instead of the rest of them.

Her basic premise is just wrong. Incomes have not been stagnant in the period she claims it has been – and her claim that income-to-debt levels has doubled is only technically true: falling income rates have meant that income to debt servicing levels have remained the same, even while debt has soared. And much of the reason why debt has soared has to do with the real estate bubble explicitly created by Democrats practicing the class warfare that she espouses.