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First the Jews were purged, and soon the Christians will be gone. And then there will be no one to act as neutral brokers between the various tribal and sectarian groups of Muslims.


One Christian is killed every 5 minutes.

This is good news.

And laying the blame squarely on Hamas. That’s wonderful!

But on the other hand, 92% of Saudis are saying that ISIS conforms to the values and laws of Islam. Funny, all the multiculturalists in the U.S. keep on telling us that ISIS doesn’t represent Islam…


Because he was handed Iraq – an entire middle east – in good condition, and repeatedly told that if he did what he’s done, exactly what’s currently happening would happen. Slaughter and allAnd he repeatedly claimed that it wouldn’tand even crowed about his choices as he made them. He has also been given, and ignored, offers by the Kurds to deal with ISIS. And what policies he does have are of course absolutely inconsistent with himself.

And in addition to his troop policies, he’s been supplying ISIS the very weapons they’re now using, and their leader is a man we had and released in 2009.

So now we’re potentially sending troops back into the line of danger even though the Congressional authorization of force has expired and there’s no status of forces agreement to prevent our soldiers from being charged in Iraqi courts.

A natural progression of the way the Obama administration has long been bungling the Syria issue, which has now expanded to the entire region.

Democrats always claimed Bush destroyed Americans’ Reputation abroad and that a more nuanced, “smart diplomacy” approach was going to “restore our prestige”. So let’s see where that’s landed us:



No, this will blow up bigger.

The U.S. likely just passed Saudi Arabia as the number one hydrocarbon producer, thanks to fracking – and we’re likely to become the #1 oil producer by 2017– and thanks to all the natural gas, that also means that our greenhouse gas output has dropped to 1992 levels – in other words, by embracing better technologies and drilling, we’ve been able to improve our economy while lowering our emissions, instead of cutting back our economy to lower our emissions as environmentalists constantly want to do with Kyoto and cap-and-trade.

So what’s the Sierra club’s reaction? They want to stop fracking and the use of natural gas. And Democrats? Obama’s EPA wanted to “crucify” global warming opponents and gas and oil drillers, before the official who’s tape came out saying that had to resign and join the Sierra club. And the EPA is coming out with false studies to try and shut the practice down, along with lawfare suits. And Obama himself has only allowed drilling on public lands – where the majority of the oil is – when forced to do so by judges.

This article gives me some hope.

Political gain at the expense of world security. What could go wrong?

Likely food shortages – and they’re none too stable already.

Meanwhile, In Syria

A revolt has been strengthening since the Egypt revolt. Thousands have marched, and at least dozens have been killed by the government.

Okay, Mubarek has stepped down, and everyone is busy congratulating themselves and each other. Perhaps Bush deserves some credit, but few other American politicians do. Oh, and suddenly Obama is encouraging Iranian protestors? Yeah, that’s a couple years too late.

Anyway, yes, Egypt’s dictatorship is toppled (and it’s looking like Algieria and Yemen might be next), but what comes after? One big problem is that the area is still a hotbed of Islamofascism, antisemitism, and outright racial and religious based violence – and the factions based off of those are among the strongest vying to fill the gap – and even if the reforms end up being democratic, that may continue, or even get worse.

On the other hand, perhaps the best sign of where things may go is that the protesters have cared about things like keeping the streets clean of trash.

I frankly haven’t been reporting it, because there’s been so much – but it’s been constant, and increasing. Everyone is so focused on Jews vs. Muslims that the Muslims get away not only with tyranny against women, but against Christians and pretty much all other religions.

Dissecting Stuxnet

NextBigFuture has a list of all the astonishing things Stuxnet did. Some intelligence agency somewhere made this, as a full scale wartime offensive against the Iranian nuclear program. Kudos to them, although it’s somewhat frightening to think about what a similar effort against some of our systems could accomplish. You also have to wonder if there’s any connection to the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists. Mossad’s probably top on the list for suspects there, but there are plenty of other countries who don’t want to see Iran’s nuclear capabilities advanced.

While this was an attack against Iran, Iran itself is no stranger to cybernetic warfare, as they’ve admitted to renting botnets before.

While we’re on the subject of Iran’s nuclear program, it’s worth noting that Iran already has missiles capable of reaching most of Europe, and wikileaks has revealed that they’ve been on a global arms hunt, while the Obama administration twiddles its thumbs and continues to focus solely on Israel as the problem for the entire middle east.

This Is Why Iran Matters

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are running war games against Iran, because they’re worried.

When Iran heats up, the whole region does.

A middle east arms race. Egypt and Sudan have just announced that they need to seek nuclear technology as well.

Good. It’s past time for the middle east to reform towards equality.