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Maybe it’s a bit heavy handed, but a high percentage of those sorts of individuals require constant medication.

Guess what? Diabetics can’t serve in the military either.


It’s not the numbers they claim.

It is unfair, but not necessarily incorrect. I do agree that the military should be focused on victory and not bathroom politics, and in usual Trump fashion this is rather ham-handed but quickly and decisively resolves this issue.

What amuses me about the debate is that the press is taking a side that only 23% of Americans agree with, and also that the big deal is about a people group being not being allowed to potentially die for their country while there is simultaneously a people group forced to potentially die for their country – which still seems like the more important issue to me.


The Importance Of The A-10

Pretty neat video.

But for fiscal reasons we have to replace the A10 with the most expensive plane in the history of the world.

She was the head of female training at Parris Island and was fired after complaints from the other women below her. Their complaint? That she (admittedly bruskly) denied that the women could get by on their own standard rather than the tougher men’s standards.

They wanted special treatment, and she insisted that wasn’t good enough.

A very muddled situation, caused almost entirely by Obama’s efforts to bring “moral clarity” to what we’re doing in the middle east.

An interesting article. Essentially, easily available computing makes detection techniques besides just listening for them much more possible.

The Soldier Suicide Epidemic

Fueled largely by the family courts’ lopsidedness.

Compare and contrast how the same statistic gets reported when it’s about the military vs. college campuses.

The Obama administration is preparing to hand over $7 Billion in military equipment to Pakistan.

It was designed to kill lines of Soviet tanks.

Military Budget Priorities

Apart from the announcement that the announced cuts seem more focused on preserving bureaucrats than parts of government that actually do things, there are some other strange priorities. Cutting A-10s in favor of F-35s?

Unbelievable. How many hot meals do you think we could afford if he skipped his next vacation?

Personal servants.

Just remember that they’re the ones who proposed it.


Take away all federal grants.

Overseas soldiers.

He boasts about in more private settings.

The Navy’s Next Destroyer

Very cool. Increasing automation is definitely the future of the Navy.