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That’s hilarious.

As they hire Glenn Thrush.


At least, to them. So now let’s count down how quickly it takes the times to call for these same laws next time there’s a mass shooting.

Immediately after criticizing Johnson for flubbing on the city.

Isn’t it?

No, semi-automatic weapons do not fire rapid bursts.

Even though many were found. In fact, the NY Times has now quietly admitted that these are now the weapons being used in Syria.

The man is a lifelong Democrat. Yes, his party has shifted away from him, but it still shows through.

Because they’re not Democrat, right?

That’s why the first Latin(o/a) judge is Sotomayor and not Cardozo.

New York Times Hypocrisy

Blaming pharmaceuticals for rising drug prices while raising their own subscription prices.

Oil is apparently the hot thing to talk about now that we need to sway opinions towards Obama’s Iran Deal and don’t need to sway them against Bush’s Iraq war.

Just remember that most of the “right wing extremists” they’re pointing to are doing things like quoting the communist manifesto in their own manifestos.

As per usual, the right wing violence that the left points to is merely projections about their sides’ own violent tendencies.

Unlike what the NY Times and Gary Trudeau keep on claiming, there is none. All speech is hateful to somebody, and the moment you take the cowardly position of blaming Pamela Geller for what happened (such as Juan Williams did) is the moment when you think that Trudeau, the staff of the NY Times, and anyone else who ever offends someone should be attacked, just like Geller’s event was. It’s all the same, and discussing restricting speech even a little bit is simply a totalitarian idea to introduce a tool to restrict political opponents’ speech – that much of the left is growing increasingly fond of.

Surprisingly, there are still some journalists who get this.

N.Y. Times Journalist Charles Blow pulls out the race card for his son’s arrest – even though the cop was black.

The constitution is broken, we need to stop having elections.

Publish a piece claiming Obamacare is working right before the election.

If it’s working so well, why did the announcement for the prices of next year’s premiums get scheduled to right after the election.

The Wisconsin judge who blocked the state’s voter id implementation did so based on an opinion that heavily cites the New York Times.

And Iraqi WMDs.