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Just uncovered by Judicial Watch. Yet more Obama Administration IRS malfeasance.


Or at least, his campaign was. And CNN ran headlines against Trump’s statement to that effect for months. And James Comey and James Clapper and numerous others categorically denied that any of this happened – under oath. In other words, it wasn’t just journalists being targeted.

And it’s not just wiretapping. In the very same vein we learn that Samantha Power was unmasking political opponents left and right during the campaign. The Obama administration was laundering their 4th amendment violations committed for political advantage through national security.

This is a bigger scandal than Watergate, and yet like so many other Obama era scandals, it will basically be ignored. Who hacked the election? It was Democrats.



The IRS Scandal Reaches Day 1000

And still no one in prison.

Remember when Democrats passed the Community Reinvestment Act to encourage subprime mortgages, sued banks that didn’t give out enough subprime mortgages, stopped Republicans from fixing the subprime mortgage situation, and then we had a subprime mortgage crisis that crashed the economy?

Guess what? The Obama administration is now rolling out a new program with Fannie Mae to give out risky mortgages to the various high-risk immigrants that Democrats are intent on importing into the country.

  • a Hellfire missile
  • shipped via commercial carrier to Europe
  • in early 2014
  • goes missing
  • and months later, in June, “Lockheed Martin officials realized the missile was missing”
  • but is likely in Cuba
  • while the Obama administration is finalizing its easement of relations with the Communist dictatorship
  • and the White House carried on with the negotiations.


Was it even legal?

At this point, is there any law the Obama administration feels compelled to follow?

It’s not just the thousands of jobs he’s ended up costing, or the fact that now the oil will just get hauled at greater cost and environmental cost via trains (which lines Warren Buffett’s pockets) – now we’ve also rejected Canadian oil while encouraging the Iranians to get their oil to market.

Chaldean Christians seeking refuge from ISIS.

How many illegal aliens with felonies has ICE let go?

Which means we’re about to see more stonewalling just how many times the Obama administration asked for conservative tax records to stock their voting database with.

While he publicly decries bulk surveillance, Obama’s administration just asked the FISA court to ignore the public ruling on the unconstitutionality of bulk data collection.

Even though we’ve given you all the power to do so, please don’t rob employees or sell their information to political campaigns.

Just like with everything else Democrats seem to do when in power, they’ve set up a situation where abuse is extremely easy while being extremely hard to track. And then politely asked for people not to do so.

A firewall from Bill Whittle.

Here’s the key bit of law he quotes:

That’s what Clinton did, what Democrats feel shouldn’t be a big deal, and what Obama was complicit in whenever he saw Hillary’s private emails and didn’t bother investigating how she had a non .gov email address.

And rejecting requests for explanation.

Arrest the lot of them.

Not only is that quote utterly inane, but the Obama administration’s record on job creation is abysmal.

Good news! We’ve reached a deal to allow Iran to keep 6,500 enrichment centrifuges.

Wait, what? And next we’re going to announce that as long as they only have less than 100 nuclear bombs it’s okay, right?

Just like with the Clinton administration, we see that they don’t really care about their stated goals of equality, they care about punishing their political opponents.

Gee, who could have seen that happening?

It’s almost like Democrats wanted to flood our country with illegal immigrant criminals or something.


Fire them all, eliminate the agency, and switch to the FairTax.