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Good for them.


Yeah, that sounds like it violates a few rights.

Of course not.

And just support the action.

Which shows you how Democrats view the Constitution: not as the founding document of our country by which all of their jobs are based, but as something that gets in the way of them seizing more power.

Guns == Civilization

A very good essay explaining why — there are only two ways to deal with people: force and reason. Because guns are such great equalizers, they reduce the chance that others will try to use force.

I hope they take that to a higher court.

Massachusetts: that pesky 2nd amendment stops us from getting rid of all guns, so we’ll get rid of anything that’s not a musket.

American Freedom:

Building an AR-15 in your kitchen.

Second Amendment Knife Rights

Yup, you have them.


Know Your Gun Laws

A helpful Infographic:

To try and get guns banned.

Another unconstitutional gun ban. Of course.

That CNC machine to make them sold out in a day and a half.

And Now Some Good News:

2014 a year for major advances in gun rights.

Of course, I live in one of the few states where things are still going backwards.

The Firearms Industry. Because what use are your second amendment rights when you can’t find anyone who can sell you guns or ammo?

And the court case to end the overreach to ban such magazines.

Connecticut Gun Owners:

Come and take it.

Just like Obama’s justice department, there are some laws that the Massachusetts administration just doesn’t seem to bother enforcing…like the law that gun permit applicants should receive a response within 40 days of their application.

Funny how fluid the law seems to be under Democrat administrations. Pick a name for this type of government: Liberal Fascist, Crony Capitalist, or simply Despotist. And if you don’t think it’s one of those, please tell me why.

A teenager who faces a year in prison for wearing an NRA t-shirt.