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Oh well, I don’t use them anyway.


A Missing Gun Law

Right of transport.

Guns Save Lives, Again

For every killing spree the media harps on about guns, there are more would be crimes stopped by armed individuals, like this one.

Interesting. This is something I expect Democrats to fight tooth and nail on in the Senate and White House, though.

More Guns, Less Crime In Chicago

But less reporting on that statistic, as well. In fact, Chicago’s crime just dropped to levels it hasn’t seen since handguns were banned.

Meanwhile, officials in South Florida are concerned about the end of local concealed carry bans. What are they concerned about? That it’s been illegal all along, but now they’ll actually be punished when they deprive citizens of their right to self defense.

More Guns, But Less Crime

Hmm, it’s almost like what conservatives have been arguing all along is really true.

We don’t need more laws – the man wasn’t supposed to be allowed to purchase a weapon in the first place.

Meanwhile, AZ citizens are all buying guns, probably in anticipation of increased regulations. That’s a good thing though – there are numerous stories of similar tragedies that were prevented when someone else had a gun on hand. How many fewer shots would he have gotten off if someone sane nearby was legally carrying?