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Causing an estimated $1 Billion of damage.


To the surprise of no-one. The question is, will anyone make Russia do anything about it?

They’ve lost 2000 soldiers in a war they’re pretending doesn’t exist.

100 Russian armored vehicles just crossed into East Ukraine.

In the Ukraine…

Well, at least someone gets jobs and lower energy costs. Just not us.

Maybe. And they’re also resuming strategic bomber flights through the Caribbean and Arctic Circle.

Good job on that reset button, guys.

Another Lenin Statue Falls

In Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Good riddance.

Oh good, so he’s finally going to take a stand against Crimea in the Ukraine and Abkhazia in Georgia? Or is it only now that he’s waking up to his responsibilities as the leader of the free world? Maybe if he didn’t give Russia that extra flexibility after his election? Maybe that was a dumb promise?


It’s amazing what an empowered populace can achieve.

We can only hope so. Among the many, many people in this world who deserve to have justice served to them, Putin is noticeably high on the list.

As they direct their cronies what to set the voting outcome to in the Ukraine.

30% voter turnout with only half of those voting for independence. Not exactly the 97% turnout with 83% favoring independence that got reported. I wonder if Carter certified the election?


Some things never change. Before Stalin switched sides in WW2, the Soviet Union was fully supportive of the genocide their Nazi (who were also socialist) brethren were committing. Heck, they even taught them many of their tricks.

As Ukrainian forces abandon Crimea.

About the only saving grace of this whole situation is that it’s been mostly bloodless, for the sole reason that no one in the neighborhood is strong enough to oppose the Russian military, and no one outside the neighborhood is willing to get involved to that level.

Crimea’s Vote:

With 123% voter turnout in places, Crimea has overwhelmingly voted to join Russia, and turn over their governance to a street gangster known as “The Goblin”.

And how does Russia feel about the sanctions we just announced against them? Their stock markets just rallied because they thought there would be actual repercussions for their dictator’s actions.

That sure was some smart diplomacy.

It seems like they’ve started the grumbling for their justification process.

Hey, if the weather were warmer in DC, he’d be doing the same thing there.

With surprising effectiveness. So the question: why haven’t they done the same to certain North Korean accounts?

Or quite a few other regimes I can think of.