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Trump’s Other Christmas Present

He reduced the budget of the U.N. by about $300 Million.

In possibly related news, 10 other countries are considering moving their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem, as well. Also, all of the Democrats (and former Presidents!) condemning Trump’s move of our embassy previously voted for him to do so. And the international critics also don’t have a leg to stand on.


Let the U.N. decide.

It’s only for one more year…

Obama’s Post Presidency Plans

He wants to be secretary general of the U.N.

It’s a place that’s as antisemitic as he is.

Hamas missiles were found in a U.N.-run school. After the U.N. apologized, they gave the missiles back to Hamas. Yet another illustration that they only dislike when Israel’s the one doing the killing.

There are also good questions to seek answers to regarding the U.N. assistance to the Gaza terrorists with their tunnel construction – which was built with child labor.

Spineless mealymouthing. They’d rather accept slavery than piss off Muslims by telling them clearly, “No slavery, barbarians”.

Without even a token of protest from the Obama administration, Iran just got a seat on the U.N.’s Women’s Rights body.

Good for them. Not that I think the report is going to do anything. Still, it’d be nice if the recommendation that all top NK officials face ICC trials meant that any of them that stepped foot outside of NK got arrested on the spot.

Iran is set to chair the arms control forum.

Yeah, I’ll bet they would love that much power. I don’t think they’re going to get it, but it’s always worth keeping an eye on where they next try and seize control over people’s lives.

Their latest social report relies on info from former East German secret police.

Its Own Punchline

The UN just appointed North Korea as chair to the conference on disarmament.

Remember when the U.N. predicted there would be 50 million climate refugees by 2010? Well, they doesn’t want you to.

Despite the fact that we’re still giving them so much food? Because we’re still giving them so much food – and through the corrupt U.N.

And also because that world agency can’t bring itself to endorse Democracywhich would cure the starvation problems.

It was organized by a terrorist organization, many of the activists were terrorists, and the “humanitarian aid” items on it were worthless junk. And more ships are on the way.

The media is giving full cover and credit to terrorist embedded journalists, who have no obligation and spend no effort on maintaining journalistic standards of objectivity.

They’re not anti-war, they’re on the other side.

So to summarize: once again we have both the domestic and international left fully supporting and aiding terrorists for the good cause of antisemitism.

Meanwhile, the U.N. has already condemned Israel – even though it hasn’t even met on North Korea’s actions. Europe doesn’t care about the dead Iraqi and Afghani muslims – who weren’t killed by Jews. And what would happen if a humanitarian mission was sent to Turkey’s Kurd’s? The hypocrisy is palpable.

Rape and corruption, again.

Someone else died at the U.N. after falling to his death. He was helping work on enforcing the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

As he issues a joint resolution in the U.N. with Egypt. The headline speaks for itself, with little commentary necessary.

In other news of Obama standing up for freedom, he just cut off funding to the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, which was documenting the abuses of the current regime against the protesters.

That’s sarcasm, of course. Continue reading

Netanyahu’s speech at the U.N.

Over at the Telegraph.

I can’t count how many times I heard Obama supporters tell me that restoring our respect around the world was one of the strongest reasons to vote blue – and they’re right that there are a lot of countries that are happier with Barack in power than Bush. For some reason though they hated me talking about what countries were the ones that were most happy with a weak, apologetic democrat in power, and exactly why those countries were happy, or sometimes they wouldn’t care, because human rights abuses only concerned them when they could be waved in the faces of Republican politicians and supporters.