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Without even a token of protest from the Obama administration, Iran just got a seat on the U.N.’s Women’s Rights body.


The White House has been trying to push the phony 77-cents-on-the-dollar wage statistic again, to try and promote their war-on-women meme and push forward more identity politics. Except that this time they got called on it, and even have some of the press pointing out that not only is the wage gap not real, by some counts women actually earn more than women. And of course, Democrats and feminists only worry about the gaps when they’re in one direction.

Throughout all of this, it’s being highlighted that the very same Democrats making all of these claims, such as the White House, are some of the very same employers who don’t pay women equally. And their view of women in the workplace seems decidedly old-fashioned.

Saying women are strong enough to get by without government help on their contraceptives is clearly a statement about how helpless women are.


Fine then.

Let’s talk about the White House “freezing out” female staffers, and paying (along with senate Democrats) women less than men. Or hanging out with wife beaters. And then there’s how they treat female republicans.

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