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Nice. The article particularly points out that Melania gets by with five staffers vs Michelle’s twenty four.

You’d think if they actually had such a thing they wouldn’t need to hide it…

Suddenly there’s a call to “tyrant-proof” the White House by taking away the President’s ability to authorize drone strikes on American citizens.

On a related note, the Pentagon just revealed that they have been flying drones over the U.S.

Which means we’re about to see more stonewalling just how many times the Obama administration asked for conservative tax records to stock their voting database with.

Overall a success.


It all depends on what the political angle they’re going for with the statement.

Remember, if his political agenda was conservative, he’d be a dangerous terrorist.

White House to add steel spikes to the fence.

And guns should be illegal, except for the armed guards that all of the rich politicians protect themselves with.

Russia has hacked the White House, and is operating several spy ships off our coast.

Actually, I’m a bit surprised spy ships still exist in the age of the internet. Apart from for the purpose of tapping undersea cables.

They’ve denied-without-denying the Keystone pipeline for years, but now that there’s a Republican Senate, Obama’s finally been forced to come out and say that he’s against something that will create permanent jobs, lower energy costs, increase energy safety, and decrease energy emissions.

The Republicans in Congress should do everything they can in the next two years to expose Democrats as against everything that would actually be helpful to the American people as possible.

Benghazi Is Still Relevant

Unless you manage to completely read the Senate report as the media did – and that Senate report, while doing it’s best to bury the scandal, still leaves the core of it intact.

Both can’t be true.

I doubt either are.

As Instapundit points out, likely because they knew what answers he would give.

White House Lies On Student Loans

Bogus numbers to help the midterm elections.

A somewhat low level scandal, except for the reason such a person was working at the White House anyway, the coverup, and the usual media burying.

Michelle Obama’s staff is 100% female

No hiring bias there.

I know, it’s hard to hold your socialist buddies accountable, but at least it’s finally happening.

Obama’s War On Women

Yes, the Democrat female wage-gap is just as high as ever.

SCOTUS made a ruling that’s devastating to unions, it kills yet another way unions were essentially racketeering. So of course the White House is opposed to the decision and declares it a war on seniors.