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The fact that the judges keep on basing their decisions on Trump’s campaign speeches seems an especially dangerous precedent. I hope the supreme court strikes this down.

It’s all made up. Former DNI Director James Clapper says there’s no evidence. Trump’s accountant has shown there’s no financial ties.

Among the Democrats who are pressing all of this:

What do they have? They have conspiracy theories. They have the testimony of a Hillary loyalist, Sally Yates, called out by name in Podesta’s emails. They have collusion between John Brennan and the Hillary campaign to manufacture this entire set of allegations.

I basically think the President should appoint a special prosecutor whenever there’s any hint of impropriety, even for something as made up as the Russia charges. So good, and it’s one more special prosecutor than Obama ever appointed – as Trump has rightly pointed out.

But there should be a second special prosecutor appointed, because there was one other scandal that became hopelessly political in Comey’s wake: the Hillary emails.

Trump has put together a bipartisan commission to look into voter fraud, which is out course an offensive move to every Democrat insistent that the election was hacked.

They want the narrative without the accountability of any sort of truth or facts.

According to a new book by Clinton insiders.

Well, it’s certainly what the media has wanted to focus on rather than the details of Democrat misbehavior that have been coming to light.

Well of course. He usurped the political power they think they’re entitled to.

By the numbers.

A lot of the left didn’t realize they were supposed to be outraged until they heard the signal.

Maxine Waters is angry because firing Comey was supposed to be Hillary’s job.

John Podesta managed to switch from advocate to angry within 7 hours.

Chuck Schumer also seems to be suffering from whiplash.

The New York Times didn’t mind when Bill Clinton did the same thing.

First the failure with the Obamacare repeal, and now he produces this garbage, which is pretty much a line item list of all the things Democrats want and none of the things Republicans want.


And somehow Paul Ryan thinks it’s worth fighting to the point of a government shutdown later, but not now. Dude, Democrats own the media, Republicans will never not be blamed for a shutdown.

Rush Limbaugh is right in wondering why anyone voted Republican if this is how they govern. Democrats are rightly celebrating their victory and fundraising over it.

Beautiful. I’m still not tired of watching these fireworks.

He’s having it continue, but nominating a big opponent of the bank to its board.

I just wish it would go away, it’s crony capitalism.

How he feels Trump intends the order based on Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

That sounds like quite the strong legal argument, there.

They claimed that there have been no terror incidents or terror-related arrests from the immigrants and refugees from this country. There have in fact been 60 convictions, and numerous other attacks, such as the Ohio machete attack last year.

Yes, and I’m one of them.

Proving that there is a basis for his order.

I say do it, then.


Time to deploy the Reid option.

Trump’s Genius Lawfare Move

Register with the FEC for a 2020 campaign run do his political opponents have to follow campaign rules.

So he’s banned travel for 4 months for non-U.S. residents from a handful of Muslim countries that the Obama administration selected as dangerous (and an indeterminate time if the country is Syria). It’s not the majority of Muslims, and Obama did the same thing with Iraqis, except for 6 months instead – but the left loved Obama, so it was okay. Or maybe people just didn’t notice because of how much they loved Obama.

Oh, it’s also worth observing that the left is much more upset about this than the de-facto ban the Obama administration enforced on Christians, or about the terrorist attacks that these Muslims commit.