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Unbelievable. This is the horrors of a world where people think that all cultures have equally valid values across the board.

How much of the vote was genuine is questionable, but the result is that Erdogan, who was banned from holding office 15 years ago, can now pass law without parliament in many cases.

And what has Erdogan been saying about the rest of the world recently?

Holding Islamic prayers there this Friday is part of it.




Turkey isn’t completely unhappy with ISIS.

Wow, I’m impressed they’re covering the subject. Good for them.


Turkey’s Coup

It’s really starting to look like it was all staged by Erdogan. They even had the chance to shoot him down, chose not to, and now he calls it a “gift from Allah”, and has the purge lists ready to go – including requests to Turkish citizens living in the U.S..

It also looks like Erdogan is successfully “pulling a Putin”, and finding a way to stay in power even though he’s reached the maximum number of terms allowed.

An assertion of Islamic supremacy.

Infidels are “good for nothing, they destroy Islamic values”.

To the outrage of Turkey. Good for them.

Of course. Never give in to tyrants’ demands to not be criticized.

Erdogan Seizing Churches

And the persecution of Christians continues…


21% of Turks say ISIS represents Islam, and 10% say it’s not a terrorist organization. 

After all, it’s only killing infidels.

As he’s furious over the gains the Kurds are making against ISIS.

The border crossing nearest the caliphate has only token security forces that do nothing to stop jihadists heading to join the fight, while supplies are openly smuggled, as well.

Meanwhile, the border near all Kurdish territory remains tightly patrolled. It’s almost like Turkey is quietly approving of another genocide of a population they dislike.

It was 100 years ago yesterday, and it was both a race-based genocide (Turks against Armenians), and religion based (Muslims against Christians). And to this day, Turkey is still in a state of denial – so offended by mentioning their crime that Turkish hackers respond in retribution when the pope mentions it, and spineless presidents break their campaign promises to recognize it, much to the disappointment of their earlier selves. Also, Turkey seems to be quietly supporting ISIS in destroying evidence of the genocide.

The Armenian Genocide is one of the primary examples of Muslim culture being unable to confront any of their own shortcomings. Every culture has shortcomings, but some cultures are reflective and willing to admit, discuss, and confront them. And of course, Muslim cultures are still purging the Christians from within them.