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Calling a convicted traitor a traiter? Suspended.


They certainly seem to get interesting reactions, and those reactions can be useful.

In their latest comic.

If being “verified” was just that Twitter had actually verified who you were, they wouldn’t have un-verified so many conservatives.

Can’t let Roger Stone disrupt the careful Russia narrative Democrats have been pinning so many hopes on.

They’re claiming they still see people “being silenced”.

Yeah, because they’re the ones doing it. Last week they suspended one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers (Rose McGowan) for violating a terms of service they don’t seem to care about when the person being doxxed is on the right. Less than two weeks ago they blocked a conservative politician’s political ad because it referred to “stopping the sale of baby body parts”.

They shut down one of the main advocates for one side of the vote hours before the election.

When it’s directed at conservatives.

Hollywood also thinks presidential assassination is cool again.

Twitter’s Sometimes Shadowban

Scott Adams shows screenshots of it happening to him.

Here’s a pretty good list.

As they beat Trump supporters and Scott Adams finds himself shadowbanned on twitter and disinvited from speaking engagements.


In the wake of Orlando, how did lefty organizations like Facebook and Twitter respond?

Twitter banned Milo Yiannopoulos for re-tweeting threats he was receiving from Muslims, claiming his re-tweeting was hate speech, reinstating him after Drudge pointed out their hypocrisy.

They also banned Mark Kern for suggesting that radical mosques should be surveilled, when the rest of us are getting spied on by the NSA anyway.

Facebook banned Pamela Geller and one of her Facebook groups for claiming that this post was Islamophobic:

The White House fails to mention Islam,  jihad or the call for slaughter of gays in Islam. Instead, Obama is importing these savages by the thousands.

I am sure we will get warnings of “islamophobia” and “backlashophobia.” Hamas-CAIR has called a press conference, and the leader of the Islamic Society of Central Florida is already at a press conference in Orlando. Islamic supremacist groups use these monstrous acts of carnage and murder to proselytize for Islam and condemn those of us who oppose jihad slaughter and sharia. It is gruesome how these Muslim groups exploit the bloodshed.

– See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/06/facebook-bans-pamela-geller-from-posting-in-wake-of-orlando-nightclub-jihad-massacre.html/#sthash.XtrBxC2T.dpuf

The left does not consider radical Islam an enemy, even when it slaughters the LGBQ community. Their only focus is on stopping conservatives.

The Online Fascists

It’s not just Twitter that’s been policing conservatives (always in the name of “combating hate”). Buzzfeed does the same, and Facebook even teamed up with governments while it was doing so.

In a way, it’s funny that the left constantly worries about fascism while constantly embracing textbook definitions of it. I can’t figure out if they don’t know what the term actually means, or if they know they’re doing so but don’t actually mind the term, and just see it as a useful attack tool.

They started by un-verifying, shadowbanning, and outright banning various conservatives, and now they’ve moved on to doing the same to Hillary critics, even those on the left. Actual criminals get none of this treatment.

They’re also deleting tweets on behalf of Bank of America. They’ve fully embraced the SJW agenda, even to the point of causing white board members to quit, but of course they’re still trying to claim that they’re for free speech – but the people they’ve put in charge of all of this are some the most outspoken feminists.

All of this is backfiring, and their stock price is tanking. Conservatives are leaving Twitter in droves, and there’s a corresponding loss in share price.

Isn’t it interesting what hate speech is allowed on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook? As long as you’re advocating for the death of a conservative (if you can call Trump that), they don’t seem to care.

Carefully crops the Bushes out of the Selma photo. Petty.

There’s good evidence for it. He’s always tried to champion their cause, but when even clapping is considered a hateful act, it’s hard to see how anything can appease them. Everything is a microaggression and trigger to somebody.

Men are already harassed more online than women, and now Twitter is discriminating further against men.

We’ll be escalating [harassment reports] even if they don’t fit Twitter’s exact abuse guidelines.

Absurd. Yet another reason for me to stay off twitter.

Not being able to report to the public about surveillance requests is an unconstitutional “prior restraint” on free speech.