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They almost entirely stem from inflated costs due to union contracts – double what Europe and Asia pay.


It pales in comparison with Union lobbying.


They tried to shake down a janitorial company, and failed.


Use union labor or don’t get permits.

Not a surprise, this is actually a pretty common pattern, which is why Unions openly admit they’re fine with jobs being lost – lost jobs are a feature, not a bug.

Just the minority that comes from Republicans. The Democratic “Super-PACs” that are the unions are okay, of course.

The unions that pushed for it got an exemption for their own employees.

Even when it’s not. But then again, what do you expect from thugs?

Even though we’ve given you all the power to do so, please don’t rob employees or sell their information to political campaigns.

Just like with everything else Democrats seem to do when in power, they’ve set up a situation where abuse is extremely easy while being extremely hard to track. And then politely asked for people not to do so.

But it’s not racial in nature. Because they’re unionized, there’s less accountability.

Don’t expect to see the media discuss this very much.

Imagine the public lashing a corporation would receive if they did this.

A Victory For Freedom In Wisconsin

Right to work passes. You can’t be forced to join a union if you don’t want to.

The Real Story Of Pension Theft

No, the so-far minor cuts in public pension plans isn’t theft – the bloat and endless inflation of those plans is the true story of theft: politicians currying favor with unions by guaranteeing payoffs of taxpayer money until the cities in question bankrupt themselves.

Simple economics. And it also explains a large part of the constant government shortage of money.

At the behest of the SEIU and other socialists.

Unions: racketeering by political means.

Colt Firearms is in serious financial trouble.

Liberals don’t want to get money out of politics, they just want to get conservative money out of politics.

Of course, if you knew where the Koch brothers rank on the list of political donors, you’d have already realized that.

Transferring 500 of his managers to the Public Employees Union, guaranteeing them 3% raises in January and October next year, and July 2016 and making them fire proof, and then pardoning 2 drug offenders and a would-be murderer.

Oh, and Martha Coakley immediately endorsed these actions.

Stories of intimidation, harassment, and vandalism from Wisconsin.