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And how it’s turned out for them.


So the smear gets even further from the truth.

How recently was the left applauding the measures Venezuela was taking?

Their people are starving, but hey – can’t stop lobbying.

The ethics of foreign aid – taxpayer money spent abroad – seems quite dubious to me. Especially when we’re in debt.

Instead of the courts.

What Venezuelans aren’t starving in the streets are actively fighting the socialist dictatorship and it’s death squads, while it rewrites the constitution.

Opposition leaders are being arrested and then disappearing from prison.

After seizing assets such as the oil industry and General Motors plants, the country is now dirt poor, once the richest on its continent.

Particularly deranged liberals such as Rachel Maddow are trying to allude that Venezuelans are upset about Trump. The rest of the left is avoiding mentioning the word “socialism”, and trying to pretend that they didn’t praise Chavez’ actions all those years ago. Bernie Sanders still lists Venezuela as a model to follow.

Venezuala’s Maduro tries to ameliorate the situation by raising the minimum wage.

The true minimum wage is always $0. And when you mess up the economy as badly as his group of socialists have, the currency is also worth $0.

A whole bunch of false Venezuelan passports were issued to Syrian refugees by a corrupt official.

The Wonders Of Socialism

Venezuelans are literally starving to death.

Remember how much Democrats liked Chavez and his policies back when he was getting started? It’s just like all the other failed socialist states they’ve also worshipped over the decades.

150% of nothing is still nothing. You can’t legislate economics.

Forced labor camps (just like always), arresting the employees of any business that goes under, 1600% inflation, mass exodus, military-controlled food, food lines, looting, tanks turned on civilians, shortages of medicine and basic medical supplies, scapegoating of capitalism…and massive parties for the rulers of the nation, all in a country with some of the richest natural resources.

All while the left pretends that they didn’t gush over the steps Venezuela took to get to this state and ignores Venezuela as they seek to do the very same things here.

2-Day work weeks for government workers, and rolling blackouts across the country.

Ah, socialism.

Yes, it can happen here.

Good. Fracking is doing wonders for the geopolitical landscape.

Ah, the joys of socialism.

Their currency is now hyper-inflated so much that napkins are worth more. But at least Hugo Chavez’ family are now billionaires (measured in U.S. currency).

Just like animal farm:

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

Remember when Democrats used to lavish praise on the Venezuelan regime?

Socialism. Every time.

Good luck to them.

And remember, it was just a few years ago that Democrats and the rest of the left were heralding Chavez’ policies as the new best thing.

They’re failing. As always happens.

It wasn’t that long ago that Democrats were hailing them as heroes.

For the first time in 100 years. Ah, socialism.