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When it’s directed at conservatives.

Hollywood also thinks presidential assassination is cool again.


But remember, it’s Palin’s crosshairs on districts to take next election that is inciting violence.

Or something.

Hillary-supporting website selling beheaded Trump t-shirts.


“Killing Republicans” musical to premiere.

Business insider just published an image of Trump in crosshairs.

Blatant double standards.

And Boston.com let slip which side they were rooting for.

But remember, it’s only violent rhetoric when it’s something that someone on the right says.

Prison Rape And Democrats

Why they think it’s funny.

No surprise there. Just watch the vitriol that occurs from that side of the aisle every time a Republican dies or has a surgery.

The Democrat who released an ad of him shooting an elephant pinata. Imagine how the media would crucify Palin or any Republican for doing something like this.

But games celebrating targeting Republicans are just fine.

Al Gore discusses “taking back” the country.

And it’s on the Democrat side, of course.

Stopping him from spending even more is “holding a gun to the head of the American people“, and forcing him to pay a “ransom”. And Republicans of course don’t care for the elderly or children, when they oppose programs that are utterly failing those same groups.

Meanwhile, his “spending cuts” are merely deranged accounting – and yet he and the entire media think anyone who opposes their stance is “unreasonable”.

$4 Billion to the debt every single day. Bush at his worst was $1 Billion. And his worst was when Democrats controlled Congress.

And the latest genius idea after the $1,000,000,000,000 platinum coin? Print IOUs. Which is what our currency is rapidly becoming.

In public forums. And the left somehow is always reluctant to purge these thugs from their midst.

Liberal Humor:

Threatening political violence.

More Liberal “Tolerance”

As more Obama supporters issue death threats against Romney.

Clearly they’re trying to incite violence.

Disgusting, but not surprising. It’s the modern political environment. Which candidate has called for his supporters to “get in their faces”?

The people behind Game of Thrones put Bush’s head on one of their pikes. Just think for a minute about the double standard.

Meanwhile, MSNBC is showing video clips of buses blowing up in reference to Romney’s bus tour.