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Not only is Stewart fantastically wealthy, he’s on pace to be richer than Romney by the time he’s Romney’s current age.


The Japanese Space Agency’s satellite data shows definitively that developed nations are cleaner. Which was always obvious for pretty much everything except CO2. But it’s the wealthy nations that the socialists environmentalists have always targeted.

If environmentalists really wanted to help make the world a cleaner place with more pristine wilderness, they would help people around the world get rich enough that they had the luxury to worry about the environment. They would do things like allow selective use of DDT to save lives, and encourage people to be wealthy enough to afford cars, so that they could live in healthier environments.

Take a look at this chart. The Federal government already controls the majority of most of the land in most western states, and is trying to claim more (this is a problem that, btw, existed under Bush as well, although Obama has been particularly onerous in his continuance of these policies).

Utah and Alaska are filing suit to try and stop this expansion, and well they should. If conservatives and, surprisingly, even Democrats rhetorically do, that home ownership and private property is one of the foundations of wealth in this country, why do we allow the Federal government to keep so much of it out of the hands of our citizenry? Admittedly, if the states are allowed to control their own land, they may not wish to turn it all over to public use either, but even state control would likely allow the land to be better utilized for the benefit of it’s population.

When I find out how Obama goes clothes shopping, it makes me think that the “fair share” of politicians who are constantly trying to take increasing amounts of money from increasingly less wealthy families¬† (what is “the rich” now, has it dropped past $1 mil, $250 k, and $200 k yet?) is not nearly as high as it should be.

Under President Bush? Well guess what, Obama’s policies are responsible for widening that same wealth gap.

Between the right and the left. Explained in a wonderful video.

Democrats always smear Republicans with that class-warfare title. Once again though, it’s becoming obvious how much of a lie the whole charge was. Which party has members who are not only ultra-rich, but behave as the ultra-rich? If you look at the actual data, when have the disparities between the wealthiest in our population and the poorest risen the most, and when have they fallen?

The wealthy buy their way into the top colleges.

It’s the one place in America where Old Money stands proud.

Marxist control and redistribution. Heck, the Democrats will even tell you that themselves. And no, of course it’s not going to help the economy.

Is there anyone it’s not apparent to still that Obama’s an outright socialist?

Wealth flees when taxes rise. Government does not create wealth, only redistribute it. With that in mind, observe these recent news articles:

Oregon just approved a new tax on the wealthy.

California Lawmakers pass single-payer.

Public unions are growing in employment – as they sink California.

The union’s secret weapon – shareholder resolution.

With all of this, look where we came from. Where do you think we’re going?

Quite. And people complain about how hard it is to actually make it to the top levels of wealth, as if there’s some great mystery.

The Telegraph is reporting that some of Barack’s richer supporters are suddenly suspecting they elected a class warrior who’s going to turn on them.

How many times did Barack Obama say that “for purposes of fairness” he had to raise taxes on the wealthy?