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Well, it looks like people would rather not work when given a universal income.

If only someone who wasn’t a racist could have predicted that…


Hands down.

In other words, once again the solution was more capitalism.

She thinks she’s smarter than the rest of us.

Imported welfare dependents, wonderful.

The Poverty Line In The U.S.

It’s not what it used to be.

And they deliberately measure it before taking into account all of the welfare benefits received.

The welfare program that hands out phones is now being expanded unilaterally to give out high speed internet.

John Kasich’s $6 Billion Tab

Obamacare and Medicaid expansions. The welfare rolls are swelling.

And he’s supposed to be a Republican.

The State Of Emergency In Hawaii

They’ve got more homeless than any other state. And they pay them more, too.

Nearly all of the terrorists from Australia were mooching off the welfare system. And we could say the same about quite a few of the terrorists in the U.S. too.

Yet another reason to be a bit tighter with who’s on the welfare rolls.

But of course they are. When have Democrats ever supported any measure to make sure welfare funds were being used for what they’re intended for?

None of that demeaning “try to get a job” stuff while you’re on welfare. Or any of the other conservative reforms that eliminated large percentages of moochers.

A near exact correlation between votes the Brazilian left receive and welfare levels.

And that’s why Democrats defend all aspects of welfare, even the fraud, to the death.

Well yeah, you should be. And it’s not even like it’s your only car, either.

Under Obama’s administration, the number of Americans on disability has soared to more than the population of New York City.

The march towards socialism.

Summarized by Michelle Malkin. Zeituni illegally immigrated here, mooched off the U.S. welfare system, and then insulted us for letting it happen.

Not happening. States are already using a loophole to get around it for their citizenry.

Leeching from one part of society to pay another part. And we all end up sicker for it.


Our Socialist Government:

America now redistributes 81% of its receipts, for a total of $2 Trillion every year.

We’re going to run out of other people’s money soon.