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With power washers.


Good for them.


Also, where is the Feminist outrage?


Meanwhile, women in Saudi Arabia are being herded with metal pipes, sold like slaves, and forced to return as they flee seeking asylum.

In a closed off stadium where no one can see them.


Somehow the U.N. keeps on finding us worse than the members on it’s human rights council, because of that pay gap that doesn’t actually exist.

They happily ally with Islamists to fight Israel, and refuse to fight ISIS over concern for the environment.

Even though she pays her female staffers 72 cents on the dollar?

17-year-old girl wins court case over her father selling her marriage to a 90-year-old man.

Apparently, the only thing Saudi women are allowed to show in public is now also forbidden.

But as Instapundit points out, the real crisis is that women in New York may be talked to without giving the talker permission, first.

And yet somehow this sort of thing isn’t the focus of modern feminists as much as whether common English phrases are inherently sexist.

Yes, you’re free to have religious beliefs even if you’re employing someone – meaning that the Federal Government can’t force you to buy insurance for your employees that goes against your religious beliefs. And of course employees are still free to get whatever contraceptives they want to. So of course the left is taking this as a huge attack on women’s rights – because they’re not forcing someone else to pay for it, so that’s the same as banning birth control from society, right?

Oh, and they’re also cluelessly attacking the wrong entity.

Men only. Real feminists would care about this sort of thing.

Banning child marriages and the selling of women. It’s too un-Islamic to even think about.

You cover your eyes.

Normally I don’t condone violence, but women in the Islamic world are normally the ones on the receiving end because of clerics who decide to mind other’s business.

For the first time. The clerics were against it, but otherwise the country was going to be banned.

Because she helped portray some of them in the film – even though she didn’t commit the sins.

You know how Liberals are always claiming that conservatives are Orwellian because they want to control women’s uteri? Well, once again we see that the Liberal position on the subject is actually to insist so much on abortion that they forcibly give it to (mentally ill) women, and forcibly sterilize them – in Massachusetts. Just like a left-socialist government has been doing in China, or like Democrats happily did to 60,000 black women in North Carolina.

That’s the “reproductive freedom” position of the not-so-far left Liberal Fascists (in every sense of the term). Even the most Orwellian of social conservatives doesn’t want to limit a woman’s choice about whether or not she can reproduce – they just want her to have to choose at the point of having sex, and not during pregnancy.

Meanwhile, In Saudi Arabia:

Another woman executed for witchcraft.