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Youtube is automatically deleting things offensive to the CCP.

Wikipedia co-founder admits the site is badly biased to the left.

Twitter is adding “fact checks” to Trump’s tweets.

Twitter un-verifies journalist for tweeting about Obama spying on journalists.

Screenshots of the outrageous bias of the person in charge of “site integrity” at Twitter.

The popular video of California doctors explaining that it would be better for their state to ease restrictions has been taken down by YouTube.

Why are they blocking searches of his content from U.S. locations?

Pinterest has been censoring Christian content and terms, and marking pro-life viewpoints as porn.

And here’s Google’s CEO openly discussing how they’re deciding what “hate speech” is that they can censor. Hint, it tends to be “speech they hate”.

The tech companies can be publishers or they can be platforms, they shouldn’t get to be both.

You can change magazines when you go through one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s high capacity or not.

Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether you’re watching political videos, or other topics – the recommendation algorithm steers towards conspiracy theories and fringe viewpoints.

Geez. And that’s not the only thing youtube is censoring from Prager.

I guess “Don’t be evil” doesn’t apply anymore.

Here’s a pretty good list.

Interviews with anti-euthanasia advocates.

“With Open Gates – the forced collective suicide of Europe”

Apparently the truth is offensive to a lot of people.


Obama Knew, And Chose To Cover It Up

The Obama White House was emailed within hours that the Benghazi consulate was under attack, and they chose not to dispatch troops from one hour away. Furthermore, Obama gave an interview to CBS the next day stating it was a terrorist attack – that both he and CBS chose to cover up in favor of the preferred youtube video narrative. They even lied directly to the families involved to maintain their narrative.

Oh, and about that video: now we have evidence that Al Qaeda helped incite the Cairo protests.

Displayed in one easy place.

Meanwhile, Ace of Spades’ headline for yesterday’s terrorism arrest: YouTube Movie Inspires Riot at New York Federal Reserve; Spontaneous Bombing Attempt Breaks Out (h/t Ruminants)

The Internet Is Imploding

Hitler makes a youtube parody of himself.

Mother Of All Mashups:

Mother of All Funk Chords.

As Slashdot points out, this sort of quite illegal under copyright law – as are most of the other Youtube mashups. Isn’t it morally wrong that we’re letting law define an entire section of our society as illegal when they just do basic activities expressing their creativity?