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Socialists never learn from their failures.


The Global Warming Slush Fund

Smaller countries are using “global warming” to explain the failures of their own policies, and get their hands on the money that larger countries are setting aside.

About Cecil The Lion

It’s amazing what Democrats and the media will do to avoid talking about Planned Parenthood, or anything that really matters. Manufactured outrage at the death of one animal from someone who’s almost certainly done more for animal conservation than any of them – just not in the way they like – in a country where people face a daily struggle to survive and there are mass graves from the death squads of the tyrant who rules the country. The death of one lion, time to leap into action!

Of course.

Meanwhile, In Zimbabwe And Iran

Those two governments are taking preemptive actions against any possible revolutions.

But they’ll sue anyone whoever says so. Hey, I’m sure that socialism will work out so much better here though.

Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamonds

Coming to the world market via China, with Jimmy Carter, as always, playing the useful idiot corruptocrat enabler.

Zimbabwe Seizing Farms

Of white people who opposed the government.

Don’t think something like that could happen here? Step one: get government into so much debt that only hyperinflation and massive financial seizures can get us out. Step two: Drum up sentiment that rich people aren’t paying their fair share. Step three: increasing the steepness of progressive taxes to the point where seizing existing property is only the tiniest step from the existing tax code.

Hunh, we’re making pretty good progress on all of those steps, especially California.