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Tracking Americans’ social media accounts and behaviors.


More taxpayer money being spent on things it shouldn’t be.

We can hope that that sticks.

Something which Key West did for $4k, by the way.

Nice. The article particularly points out that Melania gets by with five staffers vs Michelle’s twenty four.


Government Stupidity

Reason lists some of it.

$699,177 for a climate change musical, for example.

That’s just awful. And one more reason to get rid of the agency entirely.

About The Oroville Crisis:

Maybe California should fix their dams before trying to spend billions on a high speed train?

They’ve had years of drought, and now they get enough rain to overflow their reservoirs and they send the excess back to the ocean instead of to the farmers’ fields they cut off.

And judges rightly smack them down. It’s ludicrous this got even as far as it did.

This is why we should bring back tar and feathering.

Talk about pointy-headed pencil pushers…

They were never meant to regulate those, only cigarettes. But they’re doing so anyway.

A judge just ruled that they need to stop.

It’s no longer a matter of personal opinion whether Democrats have been tyrannically abusing state power to go after their political opponents. It’s a matter of court record. The only debate left is whether Democrat voters are okay with the abuses of power when it’s their side doing it. And the answer seems to be yes.

FDA Going After Cigars

Trying to kill all the fun.



They’re “helping”.

Every time they spill something toxic they should permanently lose the funds they were given to deal with that to a private cleanup company with the best treatment bid.

Why should they have to prove what environmentalist gospel dictates?