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Writing a ticket to the principle for parking in a handicap space.


Reason’s Latest Brickbats

We should bring back tar and feathering.

This fine bureaucrat in D.C. not only doesn’t know that New Mexico is a state, but has a supervisor of the same ignorance.

And the court case challenging it.

In the Chicago area.

These cops deserve more than just the 5 day suspension it seems like they got.

Due to retirement benefits.

Maybe if they actually charged for junk mail they wouldn’t have this issue.

She was “operating an unlicensed veterinary facility”.

Tar and feathers for every cop involved is the only appropriate response.

That’s government quality, right there.

But don’t let that get in the way of blaming the companies that were trying to offer bike-share.

Forbes’ take on just how bad the government in California is.

Government At Its Finest:

Forcing a 91 year old to dismantle her wheelchair ramp.

DOJ hadn’t even notified Lisa Page of Congress’ interview requests for 7 months.

They shown themselves to be politicized buffoons.

But you’re still expected to pay on time, even though they’re the ones failing.

The same number of hours are required for shampooing hair as for commercial piloting.

In fact, they actively try and create traffic jams.

And yet I bet the majority of the population will continue to vote those leaders into office.

The FCC wouldn’t allow AT&T to use the spectrum when it wanted to create the idea in 1947. They didn’t think it was a useful enough idea.

The projected cost is now $77 billion, or $201 million per mile.

Tracking Americans’ social media accounts and behaviors.

More taxpayer money being spent on things it shouldn’t be.