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TIME’s Fake Cover

Only partially retracted, since it lies to tells a narrative they consider crucially important.

And Facebook let them use it to raise a whole bunch of money, too.


Modern journalistic standards: finding their political opponents and doing everything they can to punish them.

The NRA’s Russian Ties

23 people who gave the NRA a grand total of less than $3000. But it’s still something that NPR is reporting on.

Well, based on that statement, I’m shifting the group I call “nutjobs”.

Trump’s Fake News Awards

Pretty amusing. There are some doozies.

And just how far off they were.


White males the biggest threat to Americans.

Dueling CNN Headlines

Only one day apart from each other.

Why are all the conservative loudmouths Irish American?


Irishmen are now the face of the hard Right.

Imagine them saying that about any other political party and any other ethnic group, and how much heat they would take for it – or give to anyone else who said such a thing.

Can’t let Roger Stone disrupt the careful Russia narrative Democrats have been pinning so many hopes on.

When the criminal is an illegal immigrant. It’s almost like there’s a particular narrative they’re trying to sell.

They’re claiming they still see people “being silenced”.

Yeah, because they’re the ones doing it. Last week they suspended one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers (Rose McGowan) for violating a terms of service they don’t seem to care about when the person being doxxed is on the right. Less than two weeks ago they blocked a conservative politician’s political ad because it referred to “stopping the sale of baby body parts”.

As usual, it drops the half of the narrative the left would rather forget.

Even though the media has been harping for months on conspiracy theories that haven’t produced any evidence. I think what they have trust in is that the media will continue to act as the main arm of the Democrat party.

In coordination with Chuck Schumer’s office.

Yesterday they explicitly published that several people around Trump aren’t receiving Secret Service protection. I’m not going to repeat who that is, but the media personality who did so was Jim Acosta at CNN.

This sort of behavior is disgraceful.


Brutally out of context.