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Well of course. He usurped the political power they think they’re entitled to.

It’s a well funded collaboration that’s trying to shut down anything they label as fake news or extreme viewpoints.

Somehow I’m guessing they won’t go after any of the media organizations that have been talking about Trump’s Russian ties for months now without any evidence.

NBC Lies For Elizabeth Warren

And claims she has native American ancestry.

We are not the enemy of the American people


Most honest thing that could happen at #WHCD is for the national press to apologize to Hillary and her voters for their disdainful coverage

Witness the press refusing to understand that the disservice they’re doing us all is refusing to hold one side of the political spectrum accountable for anything.

Only days before the election, too.

For some reason, that wasn’t a big deal.

As long as those customers are Republicans, and not gay people.

It’s all about which side is doing the censorship.

You’re only a criminal if you break laws that the left likes.

That’s hilarious.

Instapundit points out the duality.

When it’s directed at conservatives.

Hollywood also thinks presidential assassination is cool again.

A recent study shows the press has been 88% hostile to President Trump.

IMAO’s take: Press unable to explain the 12% positivity.

Talk about being completely wrong.

Twitter’s Sometimes Shadowban

Scott Adams shows screenshots of it happening to him.

David Duke voices support for Keith Ellison.

Worth watching.

Given how we’ve seen the main┬ámedia outlets here in the U.S. try and shape news with things like Journolist, I don’t see this going well.


How long ago were they whining about fake news?