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Yesterday they explicitly published that several people around Trump aren’t receiving Secret Service protection. I’m not going to repeat who that is, but the media personality who did so was Jim Acosta at CNN.

This sort of behavior is disgraceful.



Brutally out of context.


And digging up dirt on the individuals who work there. Good.

Use “anti-abortion” instead of “pro-life”. “People struggling to enter Europe” instead of “refugee” or “migrant”. “Militant”, “lone wolf”, or “attacker” instead of “Islamist” or “terrorist”.

Gee, it’s almost like what’s actually going on conflicts with their political agenda.

And how they really feel about us.

When they weren’t for the past 8 years…


How CNN Voted Voters

The latest O’Keefe video.

They’ll find a crime to fit Trump’s despicable act of winning the election.

O’Keefe’s latest undercover work. Fantastic.

Drudge report has perfectly summed up the modern media.

What if the U.S. quits climate deal? Doesn’t look good for Earth.

Ridiculous and dishonest. Even if we assumed that climate science was as settled as the Earth being the center of the universe was a few hundred years ago, this headline and article makes the exact same conflation of specific scientific theories with specific public policy positions.

Well of course. He usurped the political power they think they’re entitled to.

It’s a well funded collaboration that’s trying to shut down anything they label as fake news or extreme viewpoints.

Somehow I’m guessing they won’t go after any of the media organizations that have been talking about Trump’s Russian ties for months now without any evidence.

NBC Lies For Elizabeth Warren

And claims she has native American ancestry.

We are not the enemy of the American people


Most honest thing that could happen at #WHCD is for the national press to apologize to Hillary and her voters for their disdainful coverage

Witness the press refusing to understand that the disservice they’re doing us all is refusing to hold one side of the political spectrum accountable for anything.

Only days before the election, too.

For some reason, that wasn’t a big deal.

As long as those customers are Republicans, and not gay people.