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Just more security theater…

Racial and sexual slurs, slashed tires, harassment, threats of violence…

Pretty typical.

Which look like they’re a-go. I’m one of the ones who would love for these to work. Whether they can get past the initial problems of bad governance (the Honduran national government) that has to birth the entire project is the biggest question, I believe.

The EPA has shut down/is shutting down almost one quarter of the east coast power plants between now and next June.

And the grid is already stressed.

AP violates their style guides by referring to Michael Brown as a “youth”. Just like all those mid-twenty Palestinian rocketry enthusiast youths the IDF keeps oppressing, right?

Teachers in San Francisco are absent from school more than the students.

As a Feminist professor gets 3 years probation and 108 hours community service for assaulting pro-life students.

I’ve been preparing for a vacation I’ll be heading on later this week, so blogging has been light and will continue to be so for a couple of weeks.

In his case against the National Review.

As they try and pose as Republican Klansmen.

Of course, the KKK were all Democrats, as was Bull Connor, and pretty much the entirety of the rebel South.

$3 Billion spent, and nothing to show for it.

Keynesian Economics at their finest.


International Castration Day, genetic engineering to reduce the male population percentage by 90%, and making males live on highly monitored reservations.

War on men? Surely a myth. Also, another large example of the left advocating for a system of oppression and control rather than freedom. They can’t help it. And it’s not the first time they’ve advocated for or even committed forced castrations.

When even Democrat political advisors are calling it so.

They didn’t even name any laws violated when they passed it.

By the way, here’s the video of who he was trying to get to resign.

The indictment seems to be backfiring, but Instapundit is right: the only counter to lawfare is more lawfare, at least until the legal system is cleaned up.

I think I’ve found rubber bullets!

Maybe because when they are, suddenly the violence decreases by 60%, and the complaints against their behavior by 88%.

They know they’re behaving badly.

Good luck…

Greece’s Olympic Stadium is in ruins.

Greek taxpayers paid through the nose to subsidize millionaires and billionaires, and now have nothing.

Eric Holder has ordered a federal autopsy for the Mike Brown shooting.


I think both sides look bad here.

On one side, the black community – which last rallied around Trayvon Martin (who was an MMA wannabe mixing up a batch of Purple Drank and beating the crap out of a mixed race individual who grew up in a mixed race household) – is now rallying around the death of a Blood member or wannabe, was high on something, and was robbing a store just moments earlier – with the main witness who claims otherwise the other suspect in the robbery. And they’re rallying via their militant, racist black panthers, once again.

On the other side, we’ve got an increasingly militarized police force, which has been conducting more no-knock raids then ever, shooting dogs left and right, and buying all their weapons from the pentagon. And they seem to think that they should be exempt from the ramifications of their actions, as long as they’re performed in the line of duty. It all argues even more strongly that the police should be privatized – just ordinary citizenry conducting citizen’s arrests, and allowed only the privileges and weaponry of any other civilian.


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