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Yeah. This is why Jews are moving to Israel in record numbers.

And they even received bonuses.

All this while the patent office has become notoriously backlogged and tough to get through.

5-2 by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

It’s already saved the state billions of dollars, in addition to giving employees the freedom to not join a union if they don’t want to.

And voter ID was also upheld. It’s a good day for Wisconsinites all around.

Worries that Republicans are “Erasing vaginas”.

Why is the left so obsessed with genitalia? From dressing in costumes of them to telling women to vote with them….

A judge just ordered the Obama administration to begin turning over Fast and Furious documents in spite of the executive privilege.

Discovered in the course of all the efforts to find out what the EPA is hiding behind their “crashed hard drives”.

This administration is criminal through and through, and especially at the DOJ, which refuses to prosecute anything.

Because the powdered sugar shipments are full of ball bearings.

One that’s conceivably powerful enough for satellites.

Gaza is a small place, and there’s not any other location for the group that’s supposed to be demilitarized to run their military operations.

Not only did his administration temporarily block flights to Israel, the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv just started severely restricting visa applications. This is on top of the demand that Israel unilaterally agree to a ceasefire, convening an emergency UN Security Council meeting to demand the same unilateral cease fire, and the Obama administration’s “outrage” that Israel doesn’t like Kerry’s suggestions that Israel give Hamas just about everything they’re asking for.

Apparently the Obama administration’s opinion of Israel and the Jews is the same as the BBC’s: they should just be quiet and accept death peacefully. The entire problem is not Hamas killing Israelis, but Israelis fighting back.

Israel will remember these betrayals, and in doing so, cost Obama points back home.

When local communities become owners of wilderness it becomes better taken care of.

Well, since the agenda is pretty explicitly to socialize everything, that would be a shock. But honestly, they’ve never let the facts on socialism and the environment get in the way of attacking capitalism, corporations, and property rights.

Holder’s documents on mortgage fraud settlements.

Think Obama will claim executive privilege over these, as well?

Pay them with the bonds of the district they’re in control of.

I think it’s a great idea.

When an environmental studies scientist writes that the increased costs of natural disasters isn’t because of global warming climate change climate catastrophe, he immediately gets blacklisted on FiveThirtyEight, as well as attacked as a global warming denier.

“Scientific Consensus” is the term for whatever narrative pushes the enviro-socialist policies forward the most.

Because not as many women as men can pass them.

If the requirements of a job mean that women have a harder time meeting the requirements, political correctness now demands we dumb down the quality of candidates we accept for the job until we can get an equal distribution of gender. Oh, but I bet that still discriminates against the handicapped. Clearly we need to solve that also.

Certain parents are outraged because of “diaper-change” baby dolls that have plastic genitalia.

Ridiculous. Any doll-age child with an infant sibling will have seen their parents change their sibling and realize that humans have genitalia unless you’re keeping the child way too sheltered. And just like any other psychologically healthy human, a baby’s genitalia are not anything sexual.

The 3rd time within 28 years. Printing money to finance government spending is not a sustainable situation and sooner or later that same fact will bite us, as well.

And no signs that we’ve done anything to turn the situation around other than rack up a massive bill.

So is she an amnesiac, or just a liar?

Good. The burden of proof for crime should be on government, not the people.


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