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The guy drugged, raped, and sodomized a kid. And still hasn’t served his time.

New Zealand’s Green MP Steffan Browning thinks the WHO isn’t considering enough homeopathy in their Ebola response.

With a blatant lie about geography.

And of course ABC, George Stephanopoulos, and Huffington Post all refuse to apologize.

We can certainly hope so. They were always sexist – as much if not more than the Republicans they accused of being so – and now the “vote with your ladyparts” theme seems to finally be perceived as demeaning as it always was.

If you make repeated deposits near but not over the $10,000 mark, they’ll not only suspect you of trying to avoid the bank reporting $10,000 deposit limit, they’ll automatically seize your bank account, and make you fight to get it back in the courts.

It’s big brother + guilty until proven innocent + illegal government theft all in one. Which is why we need to eliminate the agency and implement the FairTax.

1950s ray-gun shaped belt buckles.

Lets just get rid of the agency.

It seems like all of the catcallers are black and latino, and jobless.


As she claims Jeanne Shaheen is running in Vermont.

Likely just found in Turkey.

The article argues that Democrats embrace libertarian principles by being the party to embrace disruptive technologies and innovations.

My response: Fracking. Nuclear Energy. Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and the sharing economy. 3D printed weaponry. Or was there some other disruptive technology the author has in mind?

What is it about Democrat candidates and falsified resumes?

Don’t answer that, I already know.

As a judge approves Uncle to Niece marriages.

Everyone who argues that marriage should be allowed between two consenting adults should be in favor of this (which is why that was always a rotten argument).

Rather than just quoting misinformed talking points to denounce it, will she accept an open debate about it?

I bet that challenge goes for just about any Democrat who’s opposed to the legislation.

Of course they have.

Rigged. As always when you have a MSM figure running it. Republicans should demand debates that are unmoderated, or moderated by, for example, a trio of moderators following baseball arbitration rules: each side chooses one moderator, and the two moderators choose the third.

Even though Democrat policies had previously removed concealed and open carry from military bases.

It’s very similar to that saying, “If I had a dollar for every time the private sector was blamed for failures caused by government, I’d be an overweight filmmaker with a baseball cap.”

All metal, with an inscription of the preamble to the Declaration of Independence inscribed in the handle.

Scientists at Michigan State have bred a strain of mosquito that has a bacteria,¬†Wolbachia, that effectively vaccinates them against Malaria. And it has the added benefit of essentially being a plague to mosquitos that don’t have the bacteria.


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