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The photos from my recent trip to Grenada are here.

And discovering that conservatives aren’t all evil.

The fact that this happens nearly every time they’re forced to actually live or work with conservatives shows just how deeply ingrained the politics as religion concepts are, and how difficult it will be, as long as this is true, to get any sort of compromise on issues. If they religiously see us as evil, they’ll never compromise with us.

Make the feds follow their own rules.

Come to think of it, that’s the solution to most of the abuses government has been heaping on us recently.

Case in point, Media Matters.

Terrorists get treated better in Massachusetts than sick teenagers on the wrong side of the bureaucrats.

The entire situation with Justina Pelletier is criminal.

Not a surprise, really.

Heck, a huge number of them owe their jobs to Obamacare.

Including Biden, Obama, Schumer, Hillary Clinton…

Via ride-share programs like Lyft and Uber.

And the taxi cartels hate it.

Thanks to Obamacare.

They were seeking to find money that was misreported as non-political so that they could launch DOJ prosecutions and make examples of conservatives. And it was coordinated with Democrat senators.

So that also explains why the DOJ has been so eagerly burying the IRS investigations.

The absolute totalitarianism of this needs to be highlighted to every American, and the Democrats who were part of this need to be jailed, while the Democrats seeking to cover this up need to be exposed as the liberal fascists they are.

No. Taxpayer money isn’t supposed to be used for pushing political agendas.

How about instead, Mr. President, if you want to discuss gun violence, you let us know what happened with Operation Fast and Furious.

Some things never change. Before Stalin switched sides in WW2, the Soviet Union was fully supportive of the genocide their Nazi (who were also socialist) brethren were committing. Heck, they even taught them many of their tricks.

Here’s a whole bunch of money, tell us what the peasants are like.

Maybe. And no, vaccines were never a cause.

Apparently not.

Oh? I wonder how her opponents felt?

And she still skated without having to be held accountable over practicing law in Massachusetts without a license.

Good. Make Democrats run right alongside the policies they’re supporting.

The dry-cleaning myth.

And then in the next breath praising Bloomberg’s anti-gun measures.

And I bet they focus on the Koch brothers whenever they talk about money in politics, even though they’re close to #50, with the other 49 spots above them being filled with unions and other lefty donors.

Unisex changing stalls. Hilarious.


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