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Welcome to another incident in Obama’s “post-racial” America, where race riots have been fanned up exclusively to get support for the racial grievance arm of the liberal political sector and distract from the very real solutions to Democrat-caused problems that conservatives are bringing up.

How has it been encouraged by Obama?

How is it race baiting?

It seems they’re ending his career. And I’m okay with that, if he really did commit the crime. But why didn’t similar circumstances end the careers of Roman Polanski, Bill Clinton, or Ted Kennedy?

It’s almost as if Liberals don’t care about rape when the rapist is a liberal.

You can’t even give commonsense advice without it being “victim blaming”.

Interesting, although the spiral ramp seems impractical to me. It seems like that would suffer from ocean currents quite a bit.

This engine looks pretty cool.

Filled with knives, swords, tasers, and fireworks.

By lying about it, of course.


Gangster government.

Mostly in India, China, and Pakistan, with the highest percentage of the population enslaved in various Muslim countries.

They just dogsnatched a family’s pet and killed it.

And they shouldn’t be allowed to any year.

Good. Affirmative action is straight out racism, and it’s about time they got called on it. If it has to start with a minority filing the lawsuit, fair enough.

And maybe this publicity will have ramifications in demographics’ voting habits.

And why former Stasi members need to be exposed and punished – along with their counterparts in the USSR.

Communism was worse than Nazism, and yet it’s still accepted in society.

Maybe. And they’re also resuming strategic bomber flights through the Caribbean and Arctic Circle.

Good job on that reset button, guys.

They’re only illegal in D.C. because the regulations are from the 1950s.

Even if the bureaucrats find that annoying.

It’s almost like the organization put together by Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama as a populist government control on industry in the name of “consumer protection” thinks that government should be all powerful and not bound by the same rules as everyone else.

They’re considering removing the earmark ban.

Of course.

The zero-carbon city of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.

The entire idea of creating planned cities is that some bureaucrat or engineer knows better what people will want for a good city then the people living there themselves. Which is why they nearly always fail.


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