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A fact which needs to be well publicized.

Look for the anti-science left to do their best to bury or deny this.

Doesn’t surprise me.

I suspect that most diseases that we know have a genetic component are actually merely symptoms of any one of a multitude of genetic problems.

Arizona Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick prefers to fly the Mexican flag during her parade appearances.

Banning the ISIS flag, and threatening to strip the citizenship of any of it’s citizenry who travel to Syria to help the group.

White House coordination with the Department of Labor to hide the details of an illegal fundraiser.

And of course the Department of Justice coordination with all of these scandals to look the other way and not prosecute anything.

Here’s hoping.

Coakley is a spectacularly bad candidate. People have rotted in prison because of her activism, while she’s deliberately ignored and protected Democrat malpractice.

The Imam of Barry University in Florida repeatedly chanted “Allah Ackbar” during the interfaith service for 9/11.

One sheriff claims so.

I wonder if we should actually consider border security?

Well of course. Competition has to be punished.

In Afghanistan.

It’s a thing.

There are definitely “moderate” Muslims in a few locations, and Michael Totten has pointed out that some of the Eastern European countries are majority Muslim, modernized, and quite moderate. But for the most part, even in the U.S., these moderate Muslims get shouted down and threatened whenever they try to point out the human rights abuses of the Arab countries.

Eric Holder’s Race Baiting

His investigation into Trayvon Martin’s death is still ongoing. And of course he’s opened an investigation into the Michael Brown shooting.

There’s no point to it all other than keeping the Black community outraged so they’ll vote for Democrats.

The 2002 Iraq War Resolution.

Just one more way he’s a massive hypocrite. And still the “anti-war” crowd stays silent. But we already knew that they were just anti-Republican.

A federal deficit of $589,185,000,000.

You can’t tax the rich that shortfall.

Excellent. An important step towards fair elections.

Democrats are saying that this decision disproportionately affects them. So that’s an admission that they’re the cheaters?

Questioning a Republican candidates’ relationships and relationship status. They would be outraged if similar questions were asked to a man or a Democrat.

Reopening trials against Lithuanians who failed to serve as soldiers in the USSR.

Seeing as that impression into military service to the Soviet regime was itself an international war crime, charge any bureaucrats serving these charges as being accessory to these war crimes.

Policy that was long supported and protected by Democrats.

China just made a grab for part of the South China Sea, claiming that it’s been traditionally part of their territory. In response, the Philippines have put a whole bunch of historic Chinese maps on display, showing how much China’s claim is a lie.


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