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Seem to mostly stem from one woman. And she keeps on getting promoted, of course.

It’s all lies. For the imaginary children.

The new Treasury Procurement Chief, Iris Cooper, has a history of steering contracts to friends.

But of course they are. When have Democrats ever supported any measure to make sure welfare funds were being used for what they’re intended for?

Being mistaken for people who are tall, athletic, and happy to help. Or maybe they are when it’s politically advantageous? It’s so confusing.

Anyhow, there are other incidents of racism the Obamas have also experienced.

Prosecute her to the fullest letter of the law. She tried to get him sent away to years of life in prison with the rest of his life ruined.

Cool stuff. I hope the succeed. And I might join them, given the chance.

The biggest thing we can do to help the North Koreans is pressure China to end their support of this monstrous regime.

Team America: World Police.

Probably a better movie anyway.

Tyranny in Turkey.

Gets kicked off the school newspapers for creating a “hostile climate”.

The CBC staged a #BlackLivesMatter walkout a few days ago. The Congressional Asian Pacific American Staff Association and Congressional Hispanic Staff Association were invited, for a “show of unity and solidarity”. Whites were not, nor were they allowed in the group photo.

Interception will simply become a standard component.

The Lindt store manager charged the gunman, losing his life, to let other hostages escape.

First of all, yes it was a terrorist attack, with two dead. Terrorism doesn’t have to use bombs or airplanes or anything exotic. They can use very ordinary items, such as cars. Second, it was Islamic radicalism. The guy posted a jihadist flag, likely Al Qaeda affiliated, and he is known in the community as “Sheikh Haron”/”Ayatollah Manteghi”, and he’s got a history of sending out hate speech messages and of sexual assault.

The Sydney Morning Herald said that this is all because of a lack of empathy with the perpetrator, and other Australian multiculturalists have started an #IllRideWithYou meme of support against Islamophobia.

Perhaps if people weren’t afraid of multiculturalist backlash, the hate speech wouldn’t have been tolerated and the terrorist would have been dealt with sooner?

Showing yet again their corruption. The MPAA and RIAA pretty much exist solely by and for racketeering via lawfare, and that’s pretty much why our copyright laws are as screwy as they are.

And don’t all sing Kumbaya around the fire every night.

Nature and life seem to place aggression as pretty strong traits to favor. So does he believe in Intelligent Design?

Very cool.

The RINOs Are Preparing For 2016

Deep pocketed Republicans are trying to clear the field for an establishment campaign, and Jeb Bush is asking McCain how to win the Republican vote without conservative backers.

I think 2016 is when the tea-party vs. RINO fight comes to it’s first real head. The RINOs just want business as usual, and yet another watered down, center of the field candidate – like Romney, McCain, Bush 2000 (not 2004), and Dole…every one of which was unable to decisively win. And the RINOs also wish that the IRS scandal would go away, since they’re not entirely disapproving of it.

The effigies found hanging had Ferguson and EricGarner hashtags written on the back.

Most nooses and other hate crime intimidation type incidents seem to be faked these days.


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