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Pretty awesome. It uses lenses that change their shape, similar to our own eyes. And those lenses should be pretty useful in a wide variety of other optical applications, as well.


Where was the affirmative consent?

Somehow the rules the left would have us live by don’t seem to apply to Liberal heroes such as Obama.

Both can’t be true.

I doubt either are.


1993, in fact.

Of course they are. And I bet the U.N. is going to continue claiming that Palestine suffers from a concrete shortage, as well.

Claiming her opponent, who’s in an interracial marriage, is against interracial marriage.

Covered pretty well over at Reason.

Millions of work permits.

The Wisconsin judge who blocked the state’s voter id implementation did so based on an opinion that heavily cites the New York Times.

On the ballot in November.

The only time Liberals are pro-freedom is when it involves abortion.

Damning. And President Obama ditched the quarantine restrictions that would be useful vs. Ebola.

We’re seeing a major collapse in the bureaucrats’ (and Democrats) attempts to blame lack of Ebola preparedness on (Republican) budget cuts: the CDC’s payroll is 38% larger since 2007, with 2000 more employees, and the NIH’s budget has been flat for several years — and merely raising the issue has brought a ton of attention to the absurd things the agencies are spending our money on, such as studying how best to massage rabbits, or why lesbians are fat, and other pressing issues.

Meanwhile, we’re being exposed to the bureaucratic incompetence that reigns at both departments:

Hypocrites who complain that the rest of us are using too much energy.

Obama sent a note praising the terrorist’s mosque as a “powerful example of of the powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths”.

Michael Dukakis took the stand as part of the defense of one of the Tsarnaev’s friends.

After the told an individual to remove the flags he had displayed for his six Veteran family members, individuals in the town lined Cape Coral roads with flags.

Being ashamed of the U.S. flag should be grounds for getting fired for government employees.

When it was about to be won by a conservative video pointing out certain Dems’ hypocrisy regarding money and politics, they changed the rules of the video contest and disallowed further voting on the leading video.

Because you can’t let your angry voter base find out that the Koch brothers are actually dwarfed by union spending, George Soros, and the like.

He just wants to find “common ground”.


MIT researchers may have invented a key component to do so.

And superconducting temperatures keep on getting warmer and warmer, too.


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