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To help all their advertisers track you.

There’s a pretty good summary of how it all started here, but the basic gist of it is that game journalism media was caught acting badly, and instead of fessing up to the situation, they did exactly what the rest of the media industry has done in such situations: accuse their critics of being sexist, and try and turn the situation into a discussion about how horribly hateful their opponents were – and they did so in a coordinated fashion, ala Journolist¬†– even drawing in the rest of the media. The leftist game journalism industry has turned this political, and in doing so killed their industry.

Are gamers really misogynistic? For the most part, no. Of course, gamers are famous for being strong trash talkers, and giving as good as they get, so there has been harassment in response, especially to the women trying to claim the situation is about misogyny – which only feeds into the situation. But there’s been plenty of harassment of both genders on both sides of the debate.

As Instapundit points out, there are a lot of lessons being learned here, on how to fight the media (as well as what not to do), that seem pretty applicable to other areas of society. I think we’re also going to see a percentage of the gamers offended by #GamerGate realize that the very same tactics are frequently used elsewhere by the media, and in doing so, become a bit more politically aware and conservative.

This sounds promising.


They were targeting conservative groups, but now claim they’re not, so we’re all good now, right?

Disgusting. Next time the IRS catches you not paying your taxes, just say you’re paying them now, so we’re all good, right?

From a doctor recently returned from Guinea. And he was riding around on the subway.

Oh, and he cleared through the CDC’s airport screening.

It’s not that we have an Ebola epidemic, yet. It’s the fact that we’re witnessing bureaucratic incompetence mishandle a potential pandemic every chance the bureaucracy gets.

Right here.

German and Dutch biker gangs have headed down to help the Kurds defend themselves against ISIS.

Biker gangs being the military forces of the future is something I always thought was a bit silly in dystopian sci-fi. I guess I was wrong.

And the Obama administration knew it.

Honestly, if Obama had the traitor card, how would he act differently?

Also, people still buy the war on women rhetoric even though Democrats are releasing known rapists?

Pretty awesome. It uses lenses that change their shape, similar to our own eyes. And those lenses should be pretty useful in a wide variety of other optical applications, as well.


Where was the affirmative consent?

Somehow the rules the left would have us live by don’t seem to apply to Liberal heroes such as Obama.

Both can’t be true.

I doubt either are.


1993, in fact.

Of course they are. And I bet the U.N. is going to continue claiming that Palestine suffers from a concrete shortage, as well.

Claiming her opponent, who’s in an interracial marriage, is against interracial marriage.

Covered pretty well over at Reason.

Millions of work permits.

The Wisconsin judge who blocked the state’s voter id implementation did so based on an opinion that heavily cites the New York Times.

On the ballot in November.

The only time Liberals are pro-freedom is when it involves abortion.


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