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What’s the point of being a government worker if you can’t leech off the privacy of the citizenry?

What Democrats always mean when they complain about too much money in politics: their opponents have too much money.

Example #1: the Koch brothers’ spending is behind that of 58 unions.

It was the original intention of the law’s architects, and here’s the video proof.

As much as Democrats would like it, you can’t arbitrarily change the law to suit your whims.

The Case For Israel

A powerful firewall from Bill Whittle. All this stuff has been said many times before, but cannot be repeated often enough.

Hearing chanting of “USA! USA!”

Perhaps if you don’t like our country, you shouldn’t stay here.

Also note that even the name “La Raza” means “The Race”…and yet somehow the racism is tolerated whenever it’s a lefty organization.

Twice as many Americans hurt by Obamacare as helped. But the ones who were helped now have extra incentive to vote for Democrats, so it all works out.

TSA employees who think the District of Columbia is a foreign country.

Ugh. I remember reading some of her stuff.

$2 Billion in 2012, and they’re rejoicing because the fraud rate is only 3.42%

Only in government are those numbers worth celebrating.

If it even looks like you might be carpooling someone.

Well hey, you’ve got to protect those taxi cartels.

And a lot of the remaining ones are polluted like anything.

Yet another case where the worst environmental disasters have occurred at the hands of a communist government - which somehow never stops the environmentalists from blaming capitalism or advocating for more socialism.


Hey, as the saying goes, if I had a nickel for every time capitalism got blamed for the failures of government, I’d be a fat filmmaker with a baseball cap.

Arresting parents for letting their 9-year-olds go to the park alone, or leaving their 11-year-olds in the car alone.

The goal of the nanny-state nannies is to criminalize anyone who’s not an overprotective helicopter parent like themselves. No wonder we’re raising a generation of precious snowflakes that can’t cope with the real world.

Except for when it comes to his own funding.

Hobby Lobby decision part of this “summer of a violent God”.

Yeah, real violence is when employers aren’t forced to buy contraceptives on their employees behalf. Just awful.

One state department official tweeted a pro-Hamas hashtag, while our secretary of state John Kerry was caught on an open mic mocking the Israelis. It’s no wonder they asked him to leave.

And Obama’s administration is still illegally sending money to Hamas.

Why is it that the left consistently insists that the way to an un-racist system is to encode race throughout society? By doing so they’re explicitly stating that they don’t think minorities (except asians) are as smart as whites. Racists.

Basically, yes. Because they’re not likely to provide a ready source of Democrat votes like that illegal immigrant population.

Would the situation be the same if the genders were reversed?


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