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She realizes that all of the left’s talking points wouldn’t actually do anything to solve the problems they use to justify their policies.



At least, to them. So now let’s count down how quickly it takes the times to call for these same laws next time there’s a mass shooting.

One has to suspect this is more about domestic gun control than the sort of foreign policy interests the State Department is supposed to care about.


Heck, the term “assault weapon” itself is a lie.

The Chart Democrats Can’t Stand:

Number of guns vs homicide rate.

Nope, not if it’s not a shooting the media/democrats can exploit politically.

Increase regulations to the point where it shuts down all the gun stores and keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, watch the violence rates soar (perhaps spurred on a little bit by political initiatives), and then bring in Federal law enforcement for increased consolidation of power.

The blueprints for 3D printed guns are speech, and so should be protected by the first amendment. And the second amendment.

Gun Control By Bureaucracy

ATF seeks to ban popular 5.56 ammunition. And this is on the heels of the EPA shutting down the U.S.A.’s only lead smelter.

In light of Charlie Hebdo.

And this is what happens to unarmed cops.

Backing Daniel Malloy. Despite the fact that the gun control legislation they’re pushing for wouldn’t have stopped Sandy Hook.

Yeah, it kind of throws due process out the window. If you can find someone who knows the gun owner and thinks that the gun owner shouldn’t own a gun, you can get their license suspended unless they spend the time and energy to fight the situation in court.

Thanks to gun control. And gun control proponents in the U.S. are following the same path.

Reality Is Sexist, Firearms Reverse This

Anytime the left opposes firearms, they’re endorsing sexism.

Yes. After firearms were banned in Britain, violent crime rates, especially for rape, soared. Being pro-gun control is being pro-rape.

Gun Control laws in NJ are threatening to put a single mother who drove through NJ with her CCW gun into prison for 11 years.


Lax Federal and State laws.

Because clearly all those gangs are opposed to breaking the law.

Gun control advocates are just pro-rape. That’s what happened in Britain.

Ed Markey, (unfortunately) my representative, is trying to get CDC funding for gun violence prevention and firearm safety. Because the leftist viewpoint is that guns in the hands of the citizenry is a sign of mental illness.

Meanwhile, hammers and fists killed twice as many people last year than rifles and shotguns.

Remember that half of all violent crimes are committed by gangs – who don’t follow the law with gun control, anyway.

Our son shouldn’t have been shot while committing armed robbery.