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They actively think they should encourage “progressive rebellion”.


Please bring back tar-and-feathering.

A New York judge just threw out a Teacher’s Entrance exam because too many minorities were flunking it.

So New York will have worse teachers, but at least we can all pat ourselves on the back for being pro-diversity. And you wonder why the U.S. keeps on sinking in educational standing.

As a Texas kid is suspended for threatening a classmate with the power of the one ring.

Pediphilia? Of course not. Threatening a killing spree will do it though. But only after a lengthy court case.

Political Indoctrination:

D.C. School teacher made students compare Bush and Hitler.

Suddenly good teachers can earn millions of dollars.

When unions complain about teacher pay it’s never about actually paying the good teachers, it’s always about leeching more money off the public.

Public employees receive 30% more than private sector workers….unless you include their retirement packages, in which case it’s more than double.

Idiotic Teachers:

Following fire drill policy so strictly they force wet, swimsuit-clad students out of the pool straight outside, in winter.

This is why they always protest so much at the idea of abstinence. It’s the exact opposite of their goals.

Was the oversight deliberate?

Knowing teachers, I would guess yes.

Since we already spend more per student than any other nation, yet continue to fail.

A teenager who faces a year in prison for wearing an NRA t-shirt.

Change your name, it’s deaf sign is too much like guns.

Suspending a student because he held his pencil like a gun? Any teacher that dumb shouldn’t be allowed near children, in case (s)he infects them with that level of stupidity.

Students who refuse face disciplinary action.

Because we’re certainly spending enough.

It’s like a kkk shirt.
This is a democratic school.

I think it’s pretty evident where the real hate is, and it’s not the student.

It’s disgusting what unions will embrace.

Our economy is already suffering due to overly burdensome government. Adding more weight that the private sector has to carry around is exactly the wrong solution.