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Causing an estimated $1 Billion of damage.


It’s what one startup is going for.

Where the laws are a bit more flexible for it.

Suddenly there’s a call to “tyrant-proof” the White House by taking away the President’s ability to authorize drone strikes on American citizens.

On a related note, the Pentagon just revealed that they have been flying drones over the U.S.



If Obama Will Kill With Drones…

Why can’t we just assassinate Assad?

What’s the difference between Obama’s drone policy and assassination?

10 times.

I actually wouldn’t mind that if there were clear, reasonable, publicly-available rules.

Drones kill 10 times more civilians than manned aircraft.

Big brother.

Obama’s Secret Legal Technology

We can’t let the Chinese or Russians reverse engineer it.

The possibility of a Mitt win. They don’t care about rules for themselves, but do for their political opponents.

It’s a neat concept. To clean up those trash islands we really need some sort of automated approach.

That is now in the hands of the Iranians.

Which is quite capable. As quite a few others have noticed, that solves their main problem with Iran – any of their manned bombers wouldn’t be able to make the trip back for a bombing sortie without refueling, and so the pilots would have to ditch in Iran.

So when Iran makes pledges like this? One of these days Israel will take it seriously.