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Other than making the left feel good about doing nothing.

And it also illustrated that they didn’t care about all of the boys Boko Haram had also been kidnapping all along.


White males the biggest threat to Americans.

He’s a straight white male!

Wow, I didn’t realize Portland was such a bigoted place.

Researchers discover that, instead of women getting higher positions, men get hired more across the board.

So basically the need to be diverse is hurting men, and the sexism that SJWs classroom exists doesn’t.

Take a listen.

Then view the reactions. The identity-politics-driven left is not willing to help the largest demographic in the country, even though they’re the only ones who’s life expectancy is headed in the wrong direction.

Social Justice is all about collective guilt – in other words, being guilty of something just because you were born a certain race or gender.

Or males. Because the new inclusion is really excluding anyone who’s not a race or gender you like.

Republicans should jump right on this. And they should repeal the massive tax cuts Hollywood gets. Big film has all of the qualities that liberals profess to hate about corporations.

Obama Family Values

Malia Obama instagram pick shows her wearing shirt of criminal hip-hop group with lyrics that promote weed smoking, cop killing, and the usual hip-hop racism and sexism.

When Women Are Sexist

Passenger died on Southwest Airlines because female flight attendant didn’t want to touch his hairy chest to defibrillate him.

Democrats’ War Against Women

Questioning a Republican candidates’ relationships and relationship status. They would be outraged if similar questions were asked to a man or a Democrat.

Michelle Obama’s staff is 100% female

No hiring bias there.

Sexism At Sochi:

More women are injured on the course than men, because it’s built to push male athletes to their limits. But offering a second course for the women? Also sexist.

So what isn’t sexist?

Anyone but white males.

Racist and sexist.

Sexist Family Courts:

Sperm donor gets stuck paying child support.

Laughable. And imagine the outrage if it was Republicans launching these sorts of attacks against Democrat women.

Race and sex. As always, their outrage at race and sex issues is primarily projection.

And here’s audio of him saying the “N” word, “Greek Homos”, “Chinamen”, and “Crackers”.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, and with winter coming on and the media starting to look away from the #Occupy movement as the list of crimes and mounds of poo get exposed, it seems like I should do so before too much longer. So, who is the #Occupy movement made up of? Continue reading

A Bit About The Herman Cain Stuff

There are good reasons to withhold judgement until we know more about the accusations – all or some of these may be trite manufactured hits or things that really shouldn’t be an issue. Or they may be more serious. And there are plenty of other things to analyze about Herman Cain as a political figure. I Think Link takes a very sensible view, I think.

Meanwhile, it’s still educational to watch the media and other lefty organizations over this: race baiting, double standards from NOW, and the priorities in Politico’s coverage levels of various national news stories.