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White males the biggest threat to Americans.


What Venezuelans aren’t starving in the streets are actively fighting the socialist dictatorship and it’s death squads, while it rewrites the constitution.

Opposition leaders are being arrested and then disappearing from prison.

After seizing assets such as the oil industry and General Motors plants, the country is now dirt poor, once the richest on its continent.

Particularly deranged liberals such as Rachel Maddow are trying to allude that Venezuelans are upset about Trump. The rest of the left is avoiding mentioning the word “socialism”, and trying to pretend that they didn’t praise Chavez’ actions all those years ago. Bernie Sanders still lists Venezuela as a model to follow.

Gee, how could they ever have picked up that attitude?

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry recently stopped some of her guests from using the term “hard-work”, because she feels that the term is offensive to slaves.

Mike Rowe had a thing or two to say about that, with his usual grace.

Media Sycophants

Keith Olbermann apologized to Clinton during his administration for his network’s harsh coverage.

Clearly an upstanding member of the fourth estate who believes journalists are responsible for keeping government clean.

Every show on MSNBC beaten by reruns of “Shark Tank”.

MSNBC is paying Chelsea Clinton to stay off-air.

MSNBC’s Cinca de Mayo racist display.

Fracking is apparently something racists and cronies do, and pollution is yet another way the man is keeping black Americans down.

Yet more lunacy to try to shape the narrative such that the left doesn’t even have to listen to the arguments of the other side, because they’re too racist and offensive.

In defending Thomas Piketty, they explain Animal Farm as a parable about income inequality.

And then in the next breath praising Bloomberg’s anti-gun measures.

And I bet they focus on the Koch brothers whenever they talk about money in politics, even though they’re close to #50, with the other 49 spots above them being filled with unions and other lefty donors.

Wow. Of course, he doesn’t seem to mind the other conservative targeting that MSNBC engages in.

MSNBC’s Racist Projection

They’re entirely ignorant of the fact that conservatives have a higher chance of having a mixed race family.

One of their Florida affiliates just replaced the word “Republican” with “Reprehensive”.

It’s Called Projection

MSNBC thinks that conservatives will have a problem with a bi-racial family portrayed in a commercial – going so far as to invent historical claims that they have just days after mocking the Romneys for having a bi-racial family.

While they’re apologizing for this instance, I’m sure we’ll just see the same thing again. They view the world through a lens of race, and so assume their opponents must be racist.

But being a member of the media means never apologizing for your blatant lies.

It’s obviously legal, but it flies completely in the face of the values that MSNBC represents, so they can’t have that.

Yeah, that’s some unbiased journalism right there.

The Racists At MSNBC:

Making fun of Romney’s grandson because of his skin color.

Predictable, and simply a continuation of their efforts to rewrite the history of which party is at the root of nearly all political manifestations of racism in our country’s history.

The GOP!