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The safety violations they cite are occurring more often with the black cabs. It’s just that the black cabs are already paid up in graft with the city officials.



If you ever needed a clear illustration that Democrats hate progress and love their cartels, this is it. They’re directly trying to line the pockets of their friends in an industry that has sucked for decades precisely because it’s been granted a monopoly, while fighting the innovation that everyone else loves because it lets anyone earn some money on their own, and everyone get a ride anywhere they want to.

Yes, it was Republican Charlie Baker who signed the bill, but it was a Democrat legislation that crafted it, and Democrats like Hillary and Bernie are consistently outspoken against ridesharing.

They’ve not only been violating Federal internet laws, but New York City has managed to pass a law that violates the first amendment, as well.

All in the name of protecting crony friends.

Do you like Airbnb and Uber? Democrats hate that they disrupt their careful system of graft and monopoly, which is why you see cities like San Francisco acting to shut them down.

No Uber of the skies, and no good reason why, other than the FAA not liking the idea. Their logic is that it’s okay to share a flight with friends, but not if you have thousands of friends.

And why drivers for those companies shouldn’t be treated like employees but instead independent contractors.

Lyft and Uber demonstrate the most obvious difference between Democrat and Republican philosophies. Democrats are all railing against the companies and trying to shut them down – they don’t like people earning money or paying for services without a cut for their cronies and themselves.

Uber saves lives. I think I’ve reported on this study before, but it’s worth reiterating, and then reminding people that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have both railed against Uber for it’s cartel-disrupting powers.

Pressure from Uber has forced London taxis to start accepting credit cards.

Is there any other kind socialist?

His campaign constantly uses Uber, yet he considers the company a serious problem because they’ve broken free of so many taxi regulations.

They’re still lawful.

Don’t expect the cartels to stop fighting dirty for their outdated racket business model, though.

There’s now an uber-like app for hiring developers to help build uber-like apps.

They released a “de-Blasio” mode, that lets users in New York see what his laws would do to Uber’s services. They also promoted senior mobility services the day Hillary gave her anti-Uber speech.

Notice the trend: customers love Uber and Airbnb better than the services of the cartels they’re disrupting, and the people who work for Uber and Airbnb love that they can earn cash on the side. The people who hate sharing economy services are the cartels who are losing their controlled market, and the Democrats (who love the graft they get from the cartels). So, as always, there’s an innovative new market coming into play that lets people be more independent, and Democrats are trying to regulate it out of existence. Is it any mystery why our economy is in the dump?

But it does cause the existing drivers to prioritize different areas. That’s still a good outcome.

Very neat. What a great way to let people earn cash on the side.


I note that they charge a flat fee rather than try to deal with the insurance companies – companies which are the reason health care costs keep on climbing.

And the battle between the cartels and Uber continues.

Uber driver with concealed carry permit stops would-be mass murderer.

Pretty neat.

And begins implementing some of the innovations that are making Uber and Lyft so awesome.

See, this is what happens when the free market is actually allowed to work.